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Photo Courtesy of Bianca Valdez
Photo Courtesy of Bianca Valdez

IAP Says Two-Party System Failing, They Will Keep Running No Matter the Turnout

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Tom Jones, who was the Independent American Party (IAP) candidate for US Congress District 3, said the two party system is failing and if we don’t start looking into other parties, we are going to keep getting candidates we don’t like.

The IAP of Clark County gathered in a suite at the Suncoast Casino to eat, drink, share laughs and flip through different television stations broadcasting election night coverage, trying to find a channel that listed their third party candidate results.

“We’re not sure what channel to watch. Not much of them show our candidates,” said Jones, as he flipped through the local news stations.

“Hey change it! This is not the one that puts our names on,” said Brad Barnhill several times throughout the night. Barnhill is the former IAP candidate for County Commissioner C.

None of the IAP candidates were elected Nov. 6, and most received less than 15 percent of the vote. One exception was Gregory Hughes, who gained 31.3 percent of the vote running for State Senate District 1. There was no Republican in Hughes’ race. He was the only opponent of the Democrat Patricia Spearman, who won the election.

Barnhill says it is not about getting elected. “We don’t have to win, we have to influence. The point is to put candidates on the ballot to get recognition,” Barnhill stated.

Barnhill explained that the more candidates they had on a ballot, the more influence they will get in the next election. This tactic has angered some of their Democratic and Republican counterparts because they believe the IAP is taking away from a potential Democratic or Republican vote, but Barnhill explained that this is part of the goal.

“If (the election is) 45 percent to 48 percent, the losing candidate will blame us for taking away the race. The benefit is that in the next election they will closely align their political views with ours so we don’t run,” said Barnhill.

Barnhill and Jones explained that many times Republican candidates will ask them not to run in a particular race and he says their party will only accept if the candidate aligns his ideals closer to theirs.

The Republican Party has also returned the favor. Barnhill said they asked the Republican Party in Clark County to withhold a candidate for State Senate District 1, Hughes’ race, and they agreed, if Hughes would follow some of their policies.

Although the IAP says they are a little closer in line with the Republican Party, they don’t want to affiliate themselves with the same ideals.

Barnhill says they can be compared with the Constitution party and they celebrated after Mitt Romney lost the presidential election.

“I’m not endorsing Republican candidates. I’m fighting for liberty,” said Barnhill. “Look what (Romney) did to disfranchise the liberty movement. He wants war and I don’t know why they even have the Department of Homeland Security, that’s the same thing Hitler called it. We spend trillions of dollars to go to other countries to kill their people. That’s why other countries hate us. We don’t need security, we need liberty and we have been saying that long before Ron Paul.”

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One response to “IAP Says Two-Party System Failing, They Will Keep Running No Matter the Turnout”

  1. Three local wins by the IAP this past election. We are please to work with small government candidates from the other parties. Republican Wes Duncan won in Nevada Assembly District 37 by 673 votes. Republican Mark Hutchinson won in Nevada Senate District 6 by 908 votes. Republican Scott Hammond won by only 1,500 votes in Nevada Senate District 13. None of these candidates would have been elected if the IAP had field candidates in those districts. We withheld declaring candidates in those districts on the promise of them being committed to the idea of limited government and personal liberty. We are sure they will fulfill this promise, else the IAP will field a candidate in their district in the next election and remove them from office.

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