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UNLV’s Academic Success Center Provides Tutoring Labs for Those in Need of Some Help

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A recent UNLV graduate took up a newly created position as coordinator of the Academic Success Center’s tutoring labs.

For Chyna Miller, this is not a dream, it’s her reality. Upon graduating from UNLV with her bachelor’s degree in mathematics, Miller was elated to find out she had been hand-picked to head the tutoring lab she had worked in for the past two years.

“This program is like my baby,” she said. “I have seen it grow, I have practically been around since day one.”

Miller works in the Academic Success Center located on campus near the student services complex. However, she is often found on the second floor of the Lied Library, checking on her students and staff.

The lab hours are Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m.-8 p.m., Friday from 10a.m.-5p.m. and Sunday from 2p.m.-8p.m. The center offers a variety of days and times that best fits student schedules.

“We used to be the campus’ best kept secret,” she said adding that the center has not been popular among students for the past couple of years but have helped many students Since opening on Sept. 4th.

Miller said she hopes to move the program forward and add more space to help these services.

“I like being in a position where I can proactively take care of these details, it’s rewarding.” she said.

Megan Bavaro, mathematics major, is a long time friend and employee of Miller and said she loves working side by side with Miller.

“There are no hierarchy battles, we are just here to support each other,” she said.

Bavaro said she loves math and has always wanted to teach. She added that the most rewarding part about tutoring is watching the students grow in their abilities.

“Chyna is one to get things done, she is able to put everything in its place and she listens to us,” Bavaro said. “Things just get done quickly with her around.”

Miller said it feels really good to develop professionally while creating an adequate environment for students.

Additionally, she said that the tutoring lab was created to help receive supplemental instruction. Although students are usually apprehensive about the process at first, they leave the program feeling empowered and enlightened.

“Our goal is to help students develop effective study habits that supplement in-class learning,” Miller said.

According to recent records from the Academic Success Center, students who use the center at least four times in a semester are 38 percent more likely to pass their course with a B or higher.

“I would definitely recommend my friends to the center because I have benefited so much from it,” said UNLV student Alesandro Retis. “They teach at a level of understanding that is crucial to my learning.”

Retis said he has been using the center for a couple of years and remembers Miller tutoring him. He added that he is glad she is in her position and feels she is great for the job.

“Chyna’s personality is really friendly and she makes me feel comfortable coming here,” he said.

Miller said she plans to continue working at the center as she pursues her master’s degree, but that she may have to leave the university to pursue her doctorate degree. However she said she will remain loyal to UNLV and will come back to the university after completing her studies.

“I want to come back and invest in UNLV because UNLV invested in me,” she said.


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One response to “UNLV’s Academic Success Center Provides Tutoring Labs for Those in Need of Some Help”

  1. Chun Martin says:

    Wow. A beautifully written article featuring an amazing young lady! I am so proud of you Chyna! Continue to use your talents to bring the best out of others and you will indeed go further than you can imagine!

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