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Journalism and Media Studies Graduate Student Receives UNLV Access Grant

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Irene Williams, a second-year graduate student in the Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies, has received funding from a prestigious source, the UNLV Access Grant, to continue her studies in social media.

Williams, who has also received funds from the JMS School in the form of the Hank Kovell Scholarship, maintained excellent work in the classroom in order to qualify for both opportunities.

The Access Grant is a gift awarded to UNLV students with financial need. Students may receive up to $1,250 per semester from Access funds. Williams was awarded the fall 2012–spring 2013 funds for her high GPA, funds that will help her complete her studies at UNLV. This grant includes money set aside to help pay for tuition.

JMS’s Hank Kovel Scholarship is designed to benefit students within the UNLV Greenspun College of Urban Affairs specifically, primarily those focused on advertising, public relations or marketing. Recently the Hank Kovell Scholarship met endowment status, meaning the scholarship is now receiving more money from donors, allowing it to be available over a longer period for students in the future.

According to Kathy Espin, internship coordinator at the Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies, the Hank Kovell Scholarship is one of as many as 10 scholarships awarded each year. Williams received $1,000 for her studies, which concentrate on marketing and social media.

Williams is also a student worker for JMS as a writer and photographer for the JMS website. She manages social media outreach on Facebook and Twitter.

“We’re very happy Irene can work with the JMS school’s social media projects another semester,” said Gregory Borchard, graduate coordinator. “She has done excellent work with the opportunities provided her, and the funding will allow her to continue to do so.”

Outside of school, Williams has another job focused on managing social media pages for attorneys, but her dream job it to someday work for an advertising agency and eventually own a creative marketing business.

“I am honored and grateful for everything I have received and I highly advise all students to apply for scholarships even if you do not think you will get selected,” Williams said. “You will be surprised how much perseverance and dedication can do for someone, especially in academia.”

The Hank Kovell Scholarship site has additional information about this opportunity. For additional questions about scholarships in general, contact Kathy Espin at (702) 895-5126 or via email

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