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Omega Delta Phi’s First Annual Miss Silver Rose Competition

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On Nov.19, Omega Delta Phi held their first two-day Miss Silver Rose competition to raise money for Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA.)

CASA is a non-profit network supporting and promoting court appointed advocacy for abused and neglected children so that they can thrive in safe, permanent homes.

CASA is Omega Delta Phi’s local philanthropy in Las Vegas. Greek organizations all have a philanthropy that is nation wide and sometimes locally based as well. A philanthropy is an event in which money is raised and donated for a certain cause.

Omega Delta Phi held their first annual Miss Silver Rose competition to raise money for their philanthropy CASA. They opened their philanthropy event to all the sororities on campus as well as any other organization who would have wanted to participate.

On the University of Nevada, Las Vegas campus there are a total of sixteen sororities broken up into three different Greek councils. Omega Delta Phi had participation from ten out of the sixteen sororities, all being from three different Greek Councils.

The three councils that divide the sixteen sororities are Panhellenic Council (PHC), Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) and National PanHellenic Council (NPHC). Saqualia Johnson from Sigma Theta Psi multicultural sorority said, “It was good seeing sororities from all the councils participate in this Philanthropy.”

The ten participating sororities all received one member from Omega Delta Phi as their coach. The sororities had to choose one woman to represent them in the Miss Silver Rose competition.

On Nov.19, the competition began with a buffalo wild wings fundraiser. Each participant had the challenge to see which sorority could have the most participation turn-out.

On Nov.20, each participant had to decorate a crate that represented their sorority, coach, Omega Delta Phi and CASA. The crate was to be used to hold the silver roses that each participant was selling to raise money for CASA.

“Participating in this Philanthropy means a lot to me,” Johnson said.  “I work with children and I want to keep on working with children in the future, I really am all about the children and it means a lot to me that I was able to participate and also have the support from my sorority.”

Mrs. Nevada and three members from the Greek office served as judges for the competition.

Later on in the evening, the competition ended with the Miss Silver Rose pageant. Each participant had to answer a series of trivia questions about Omega Delta Phi and CASA.

The contestants also had to present themselves in their evening gown that was made entirely out of recycled items.

The last two competitions in the Miss Silver Rose pageant was made for entire sorority participation. The events were a stroll competition and skit competition where they had to act like one or more of the Omega Delta Phi’s.

“All the skits were good,” Johnson said. “I’m real surprised at the hard work each sorority put into this.”

There were a total of three awards that the contestants could win and the grand prize was being crowned the Miss Silver Rose.

The three awards were Most Hype award, Most Philanthropic and Most Participation.

The Most Philanthropic award went to Lambda Theta Nu Sorority Incorporated.  The Most Hype award went to Kappa Delta Chi. The Most Participation award went to Kappa Delta Chi and Miss Silver Rose was given to Guinwa Zeineddine from Lambda Theta Nu Sorority Incorporated.

Omega Delta Phi raised over 2,000 dollars for CASA Las Vegas said Sam Lee of Omega Delta Phi.

On Dec. 8, Omega Delta Phi multicultural fraternity and members from the sororities who participated in the First Annual Miss Silver Rose competition participated in the Angel Tree Party for CASA Las Vegas.

The Angel Tree party was put on for over 2,500 foster care children. Omega Delta Phi and the Miss Silver Rose winner also presented their check for the 2,000 dollars raised.

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