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End of Year Great Time to Buy New Car

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The Henderson Valley Auto Mall car dealers are making deals to get rid of the 2012 cars to get ready to sell the 2013 editions.

New Car Sales Manager at Desert BMW of Henderson Jason Hulse, said the car dealership does its best to ensure all customers are happy and most importantly, they make sure people know it is a great place to buy a car from and know about their cars.

“We price cars right so that at the end of the year, people are going to want to buy them,” Hulse said. “We definitely do price our cars lower so that we can sell them fast.”

Hulse believes that in order to sell the 2012 car models, people coming into the dealership with the incentive to buy a car should be educated about BMW precisely.

“The manufacturer gives us the incentive to lower the pricing of the outgoing models so they can sell.  I’m trying to run out of 2012 models right now because all the 2013 models are showing up and they first start showing up the end of summer time,” he said.

Hulse said that all their marketing and advertising is done through their website and online advertising is what the dealership likes because it works for them.

When people come into the BMW car dealership, they automatically get a brief overview about what the company is about.  Knowing how a car is manufactured and what makes it unique is important and people should know the differences between other cars, Hulse said.

“It’s more about what the customer wants and what the customer is looking for than the price of year of the car,” Hulse said.  “Finances and personal choice make the difference in a person buying a 2012 instead of a 2013 model.”

Hulse said he recommends first-time buyers that may be college students to get a co-signer or they can apply for BMW’s college graduation program.  The college graduation program at BMW offers students the ability to use their job or a job letter within four months of graduating or up to 12 months after graduation to be considered for the program.

“Not every car is for everyone.  We want to teach people about our BMW cars and our cars are German so they’re built to drive,” Hulse said. “They may not be as comfortable as other cars, but the choice is on the buyer and we want them to buy what they want the most and feel good about the purchase.”

Sales Manager at Towbin Dodge, Prem Singh also known as The Blue Genie, said the 2012 car models have a higher rebate, where the 2013 car models are sometimes priced the same, but have a lower rebate.

Rebates are when a purchasing customer receives an amount back from the purchase made.

“The manufacturer gives us more incentives when it comes to selling all the 2012 car models and believe me we sell all of them,” Singh said.

Singh said the advertising for the year-ending sales at Towbin Dodge are big because commercials, radio and online advertising is done.  “We will show customers 2012 car models and push them more than 2013 models because they can save money and that’s what we want to provide to potential customers.”

“Usually people get a better deal at the end of the year because we have to close our books, so a lot of smart buyers come and buy a car during this time of year,” Singh said. “I recommend getting your credit score at a good rate and if that doesn’t work get a co-signer and come see us and we’ll sell you a car.”

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