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Morning Rebellion Show Helps UNLV Student on Path to Radio Career

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Taylor Albers, the producer of UNLV’s “The Morning Rebellion Show,” says her experience will lead her to a successful radio host career.  Getting the experience now is how it will all start.

Albers is a 22-year-old senior at UNLV who is majoring in broadcast journalism.

The Morning Rebellion Show is on radio station KUNV 91.5-FM HD2, broadcast from the UNLV campus.

Producing the show in the morning every Monday through Thursday is challenging, Albers said, and being in charge of finding everyday topics requires a lot of research on current events.

“I usually bring up all the current events,” she said.

According to Albers, every morning there’s a layout of the show for the staff.  The grid format is used to organize all the topics.

“I’m in charge of finding topics to talk about,” she said.

“Keeping topics organized so that they’re not talked about twice is the goal,” she added.

Albers said the flow of the morning show is important, and she has to stay on top of everything so that the show is successful.

“Producing a radio station is my dream job,” she said.

Talking on the segments is not an everyday thing for Albers, but the excitement is rewarding, she said.

“I make sure that the host and co-host know what they’re talking about,” she said.

“We basically keep each other in check, which is good,” she added.

According to Albers, not all topics are appealing.  There are some topics that are uneasy to discuss, like falling down from a building.

“I have a giant fear of free falling,” she said.

Albers said she tries to be involved in other activities as well.  Being the philanthropist of the sorority Alpha Xi Delta lets her caring side come out because the sorority participates in charity events every week.

“Anything charity-related, that’s me,” she said.

Traveling is something she tries to fit in her busy schedule as well, Albers said.

“If you just get the experience, that’s the key,” she said. “It’s for the sheer experience.”

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