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Isabella Iordache
Isabella Iordache

UNLV Business Student Foresses Jet-Setting Future

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Isabella Iordache plans to move to another country to utilize her degree in international business after graduating from UNLV.

“International business is very broad, so I have many options. If I enter the corporate world, most likely I’ll be working for an international firm,” she said.

Iordache, 21, was born in Bucharest, Romania, then moved to Queens, N.Y., when she was 2. She lived in Philadelphia, Pa., from the age of 5 until she was 14 years old. In 2005, she arrived in Las Vegas.

In the fall of 2008, Iordache started college at UNLV. She plans to graduate next fall.

Iordache said she is the first in her family to attend college, and she takes pride in her hard work.

“I was always told that you can’t get far in life without a college degree. Although I don’t agree with that now, I’ve already completed so many credits I might as well finish and get my degree,” Iordache said.

Traveling and being fluent in Romanian inspired Iordache to choose an international business major.

Staying motivated every day is what keeps her focused in school.

“My grades are important to me, and it’s more of a personal fulfillment to know I can finish with a degree and good GPA,” she said.

Iordache said she plans for the future and imagines great things coming her way.

She said she would like to travel with her degree and live in various places.

“At first, continuing an education at UNLV was an option, but after the years on campus, it’s not something I’m sure about,” she said.

She doesn’t plan on staying in Las Vegas much longer.

“I want to move as soon as I get my degree, preferably to another country for a little while,” she said.

According to Iordache, traveling is something she would much rather do and is why she has passion for her career and her future.

Creating experiences is a big factor in Iordache’s academic goals and aspirations.

“My major is in business, all of my previous jobs have been business related in sales and retail.  I’m also an independent associate for an international company,” she said.

When she isn’t in the classroom, Iordache still studies business.

“Reading good books that you don’t come across in college is what I enjoy doing in my spare time.  Business books are my favorite because I want to run my own business one day, not work for someone else,” she said.

However, she also enjoys spending time away from her books.

“I like to relax, listen to music and go out with friends whenever I get some free time away from schoolwork,” Iordache added.

She said football and basketball games are fun to attend on campus.

“I like to bring my friends with me so they can enjoy the games as well, but I don’t play any sports,” she said.

UNLV student Joshua Bennett, 25, said college can be a handful when juggling other things in life like jobs, friends and hobbies.

Bennett graduated UNLV in the fall of 2010 with a degree in management information systems. He said he believes Iordache has what it takes to be successful in her career field.

“Isabella seems like an independent person, and she has her own style, which is rare,” Bennett said.

“She brings off a vibe that shows her strong beliefs about what she wants to do with her life. I see the way she interacts with others, and I feel her strong opinions come out at times. That is a good quality to have in the business world,” Bennett added.

Eliana Rivera, 24, is a paralegal studies student at the College of Southern Nevada, and she appreciates the friendship she shares with Iordache. Rivera said she believes it’s a great thing to have friends who she can relate to as a student, like Iordache.

“I really enjoy hanging out and making new friends, so when I met Isabella, I knew we would end up being great friends.  She is very outgoing and fun to be around with.  It’s always a good time when all our friends get together and catch up,” Rivera said.

Rivera added that Iordache is involved with UNLV activities, and the two have gone to some football and basketball games together this year.

“The times we have gone to a campus event, Isabella is always cheering and excited to be on campus and enjoying what student life has to offer. She is easygoing, and she is someone you can hold a good conversation with,” Rivera said.

Iordache said she’s had a good experience so far at UNLV and is excited for what the future holds.

With only seven classes left, Iordache will continue to work on getting good grades to finish and obtain a degree.

Although, she remembers times during which she was confused regarding which career path she would end up taking.

“Make sure you know what it is that you want to do. I switched my major two years into college, which put me a little behind in graduating. It’s OK if it takes longer to graduate, as long as you choose a major that you see yourself pursuing a career in,” Iordache said.

She said she believes the value of education will be very beneficial in the future, and she hopes to see more students enroll in and graduate from college. The UNLV experience she’s had will stay with her in the long run, but she says the key is to always be open to learning.

“Don’t give up your education after college. A formal education may be important, but I personally believe I’ve been more educated through books and research on things I’ve pursued on my own unrelated to school,” Iordache said. “Self-education is extremely important as well.”

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