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Ian Dove, Associate Professor (UNLV Photo)
Ian Dove, Associate Professor (UNLV Photo)

Winner of the Rita Deanin Abbey Teacher of the Year Award is…

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An associate professor in the philosophy department has been chosen by a board of students to receive the Rita Deanin Abbey Teacher of the Year Award.

Ian Dove has been nominated for an award every year since he began teaching at UNLV in 2003, but this is the first time he has actually received an award.

“I knew I had been nominated for it, but I was very surprised to have won and also very honored to have won given that it is a student-nominated and voted prize,” Dove said.

The Rita Deanin Abbey Teacher of the Year Award Endowment Fund was founded in 1997 by a gift from Dr. Robert Belliveau. Recipients of the award also receive $500 in addition to the award itself through this endowment fund.

The top three to five students from the Department of English, Foreign Languages, History and Philosophy form a student board and through a voting process, elect the recipient of the Rita Deanin Abbey Teacher of the Year Award. Students on this board may have access to teacher evaluation forms and senior exit surveys to aid in their decision.

Dove teaches Logic, Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics and Critical Thinking. Surprisingly most of Dove’s students are not all philosophy majors, rather they are mostly a combination of engineering and computer science students.

He is passionate about teaching and reaching a diverse group of students from many disciplines. Dove has high regards for UNLV students.

“The best students here are as good as the next students anywhere,” Dove said.

Dove is enthusiastic about his work and enjoys being involved in projects outside of the classroom. He will be on Sabbatical next year while he works on a book project concerning Visual Reasoning, which is the use of images to persuade.

Receiving this award has been a rewarding experience for Dove. “I was pleased that they liked my teaching so much,” Dove said.

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