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Virtual Rebel Website Re-Imagined

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Students in the Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies are buzzing about the new design of the Virtual Rebel website that now showcases article translated to Spanish and new multimedia.

“The vision for the site is that anyone can come to it and find out about the work being done in the School,” said Greg Borchard, JMS associate professor and the site’s executive editor.

The site reflects the standards in journalism and media studies classes, but publications are not limited to journalism and media studies students. Virtual Rebel is also not limited to stories that involve UNLV students.

“We welcome stories whether they’re UNLV related or not,” Borchard said.

A recently added feature of Virtual Rebel is to make content available for a Spanish-speaking audience by students who write original articles in Spanish or translate them from English. The section provides a resource for aspiring journalists who would like to pursue jobs in Spanish media. It also allows Virtual Rebel to develop and grow a Spanish-speaking audience.

Virtual Rebel began in 2007 as a website originally named East Paradise. It was focused on community-generated news through the practice of civic journalism. In 2012, the plans for the newly named Virtual Rebel site began to fall into place, with a focus on student-generated work while also aggregating other UNLV news.

The new design of the Virtual Rebel showcases re-imagined multimedia with an updated info tab that incorporates the range of work produced by students in Greenspun Hall, including UNLV’s
radio station KUNV, the student operated TV show Studio G, and UNLV-TV.

With the help of faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates in the JMS program, Borchard and reporting faculty Jean Norman and Mary Hausch have made the resource an increasingly vital and important one for everyone in the School.

The redesign work has been produced by Michael Vendivel, a grad student, for independent study credit. Graduate assistant Jessica Zimmerman is the web coordinator and invites all UNLV students to present stories to the Virtual Rebel website. Student Mark Vucovich created the name for Virtual Rebel, and another student Mitch Levenson created its logo.

To find out more information, contact Dr. Borchard at 702-895-4868 or Zimmerman via email at

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  1. Andrea says:

    Great press release 🙂

  2. Thank you Andrea! 🙂

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