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The location of the gun show was designated with signs (Photo/Kacey Robb).
The location of the gun show was designated with signs (Photo/Kacey Robb).

Boulder City Residents Up in Arms Over Gun Show During Jamboree

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A group of protesters gathered last month to raise their voices about a gun show scheduled for the Boulder City Chamber of Commerce’s annual Spring Jamboree festival.

Approximately 20 residents from Boulder City, Henderson and Las Vegas gathered in front of the Boulder City Recreation Department where the Western Crucibles & Firearms gun show was held.

Protesters chanted, “No BC gun shows,” and held signs that pressed for congress to pass gun control legislation. Protesters also took turns speaking about gun violence.

Protest coordinator Barbara Polk said that the decision to allow a gun show at the annual Spring Jamboree is “inappropriate” and changes the tradition of what the festival is known for.

“It’s a commercial focus drawing people who are interested in guns, and that has not been the focus [in the past],” said Polk.

Boulder City resident and gun control advocate Fern Frazes said that having a gun exhibition at the Spring Jamboree would change the event from a family-friendly event to “something it shouldn’t be.”

“For years, Spring Jamboree has been something that people of all ages could enjoy,” said Frazes.  “It has always been a safe event appropriate for children and adults. With the gun show coming to town, who knows what could happen. Gun shows are not a place for children.”

Protester Teresa Crawford expressed her fear of an accidental gun discharge at the festival.

“Accidental discharges happen at gun shows every weekend across the country,” said Crawford. “The chances of an accidental discharge happening in that building or in the parking lot are not zero.”

Bill Johnson, Western Crucibles owner, disagrees with the statement that gun shows are not family-friendly events.

“Fathers and sons take their kids to gun shows and go with their families,” said Johnson.

Johnson also explained that accidental discharges are rare, and in his 16 years of promoting gun shows he has never had an accidental discharge. Every gun in the show would be zip-tied to avoid an incident.

Along with the safety precautions, there would also be two security guards during the day and three at night with hourly police walkthroughs.

“If anyone steals a gun from the gun show they are in big trouble,” said Johnson. “Stealing a gun is a federal offense.”

Johnson also said that prosecuting them wouldn’t be hard, “because the police department is across the street.”

The National Rifle Association was there to distribute information about gun safety to attendees and children, according to Johnson.

As for opposition to the protest, Boulder City local Dave Griffith said, “This is ridiculous. The gun show will be inside and it will cost money to get into it. People who want to attend will go in. Those that don’t do not have to. Get over it. It’s a free country, unless these people get in their way.”

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