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Non-Profit Organizations Prepare for NevadaGives on April 25

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The third-annual Nevada’s Big Give begins April 25. For 24 hours, animals will be rescued, deaf and hearing children will perform, and residents of Nevada will point, click and give.

NevadaGives coordinates the 24-hour online day of philanthropy. It is a nonprofit organization with a mission to raise awareness and increase charitable giving in Nevada.

The event has raised more than $968,000, Nevada’s Big Give contact Angel Williams said. Organizers expect the numbers to grow.

“Now that the campaign is more established in its third year, we anticipate more participation from both non-profits and donors,” said Brian Knudsen, Nevada Gives board vice president.

For some organizations, the participation has already begun.

The Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a charitable nonprofit organization that operates a no-kill animal shelter. It has participated in every Nevada’s Big Give, and last year raised more than $37,000, its executive director Doug Duke said.

Duke said the shelter began reaching out to possible donors via email. Nevada SPCA is also using social-media platforms like: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Blogger, in its efforts to raise donations.

“We will simply be inviting people to learn about Nevada’s Big Give and asking for their consideration so that we can save and protect more animals’ lives,” Duke said.

The shelter uses the funds raised to give medical care to rescued animals. Nevada SPCA does not receive funding from the government nor from national organizations, so it relies on donations to continue their life-saving work in the animal community, Duke said.

There are many other organizations like Nevada SPCA that rely on donations to continue their work.

Sign Design Theatre Company is a nonprofit deaf and hearing theater company for children ages 5-18. This is its second year participating in Nevada’s Big Give, said director Dawn Carroll.

Last year the organization raised less than $2,000. Carroll said Sign Design did not know enough about the event then to properly prepare.

This year, Sign Design Theatre will help plan. Las Vegas Academy of the Arts magnet high school has a marketing class that is sponsoring four organizations during this year’s Nevada’s Big Give, Sign Design Theatre being one of them.

The students of Las Vegas Academy will not only be donating to the organization on April 25, but they will also be making a public service announcement highlighting Sign Design Theatre, Carroll said.

The theatre is also using social media sites Facebook and Twitter to gain donors.

They use the money raised to pay their studio’s rent, Carroll said.

“Our members, a lot of them don’t pay. If they can’t pay, we don’t turn the away,” Carroll said. “So, a lot of times our dues aren’t paying our rent.”

Carroll would also like to raise enough money to put on a full-length musical production in sign language.

Giving on April 25 starts at only $10 and donations are made online via credit or debit cards. Donors can search for specific organizations or browse all the nonprofit organizations participating.

To donate where you live, go to

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