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The Desert Oasis Varsity softball team. (Photo/Dorian Photography)
The Desert Oasis Varsity softball team. (Photo/Dorian Photography)

Desert Oasis Softball To Host Poker Tournament May 3

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Costs for running a sports team can quickly rack up. To raise funds for its upcoming season, Desert Oasis High School’s softball team will hold a poker tournament on May 3 at the Suncoast Hotel and Casino.

Current uniforms have been with the team since the school opened in 2008. The numbers are peeling off and some jerseys have holes. There are 36 uniforms that need to be replaced.

Desert Oasis’ softball coach Dan Johnson said the funds would go toward new uniforms, preseason tournaments, field maintenance, and practice softballs.

The grass on Desert Oasis’ softball field is dead and the scoreboard looks like it will fall over at any minute.

“The school district allots us $1000 a year,” Johnson said. “Our game balls alone are $100 a dozen.”

About eight-dozen balls are used during practices and in games during the season.

The coaches said they hope to raise enough funds to avoid a growing trend in high-school sports, pay-to-play. Johnson said his goal is at least $2000.

Desert Oasis’ softball coach Andrew Moorehead said that unlike teams from schools they compete against, the school’s softball team does not have enough money to travel during the preseason. When the regular season begins, the team is already behind.

Registration for the May 3 poker tournament begins at 5:50p.m., prior to its 6 p.m. start. Buying in will cost $60. Rebuying in will cost $20 that would go directly to the team. Of the original $60, $25 would go to the team, $25 to the pot and $10 to the venue for hosting the event.

The tournament is an open invitation and attendees with little-to-no poker experience are still encouraged to come. The dealers will walk newcomers through the game.

“I’ve never played,” Moorehead said with a chuckle. “We are looking to have a good time.”

For tickets or more information, contact Desert Oasis’ JV softball coach Diane Peritz at

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