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Rebel recycling and zero waste zone. (Photo/Karina Perez)
Rebel recycling and zero waste zone. (Photo/Karina Perez)

UNLV-Hosted Festivals Came Together to Educate and Reduce Waste

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GREENFest teamed up with Festival of Communities and Rebel Recycling Program on April 12 at UNLV to help promote culture, diversity, sustainability and Earth Day.

GREENFest is an annual event that helps “promote how to become more sustainable in your life,” festival co-producer Annette Bubak said.

The event was sponsored by Green Alliance, which represents 45 like-minded organizations across Nevada that promote sustainability and various way of being green.

“Everybody has a different point of entry,” Bubak said. “We all have different shades of green.”

The festival offered a wide variety of booths for people to learn more about being sustainable and learn more about their community. The booths, as well as food and arts and crafts demonstrated various available green resources.

“Being a part of a community is being sustainable,” Bubak said. She noted that that was the reason they teamed up with Festival of Communities. Both festivals celebrated culture, diversity, sustainability and Earth Day.

This year, organizers put an emphasis on being a zero-waste event. Every year their goal has been to reach over 90 percent, which they have met. This year they planned on reaching 100.

“Essentially every bit of waste from this event will be recycled, repurposed, reused, and completely diverted from the landfill,” Bubak said.

Rebel Recycling Program had a prominent role diminishing waste from the festivals. It handled waste from GREENFest as well as the food waste produced by the Festival of Communities.

“By making an event zero-waste and making sure we have recycling accessible to people coming here, [we] will also get people thinking about recycling more at home and doing a better job at just recycling everywhere in our lives,” event co-producer from Republic Services Tracy Skenandore said.

By teaming up with UNLV’s Rebel Recycling Program and Festival of Communities, GREENFest aimed to get people in the community to learn more about the resources that are available to them, and that by working in unison, people will help reduce waste.

Organizers said they hope to partner again next year. They plan on making the event zero-waste and hope for the event to grow.


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