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Democrats gathered for an Erin Bilbray rally on July 23 at the Henderson Convention Center. (photo/Kimberly De La Cruz)
Democrats gathered for an Erin Bilbray rally on July 23 at the Henderson Convention Center. (photo/Kimberly De La Cruz)

Biden, Nevada Democrats, Gather To Support District 3 Hopeful Bilbray

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Vice President Joe Biden and local Democratic Party members gathered to support congressional candidate Erin Bilbray during a rally at the Henderson Convention Center in late July.

Bilbray, who is running for the 3rd Congressional District in Southern Nevada against U.S Rep. Joe Heck, R-Nev., focused on what she said was the importance of voting in the upcoming November elections. She spoke to about 100 supporters on July 23.

As soon as Biden took the stage, he made it clear that although he’s a regular in rallies–he’s invited to hundreds and is not always available–his support for Bilbray is genuine, because he said he is convinced they share values.

Attendees listened as Biden stressed the significance of the upcoming elections, saying that Nevada was one of the states affected the most by the recent recessions.

“What makes America different is that we have the largest, strongest middle class,” Biden said.

He referenced the working class’ “old days.”

“If you contributed, you got a chance,” Biden said.

Biden also referenced the “Ryan Budget,” which he said would devastate the middle class. Nevada students would lose $15.6 million in federal aid with the U.S Rep. Paul Ryan’s, R-Wis., plan, Biden said.

Each person who spoke during the event discussed the changing world of politics. At one point, Biden hung his head. “The American people are so much better than their political system is today,” he said.

The Vice President closed his remarks by acknowledging that Nevada has more registered democrats than republicans. He said that the only thing Bilbray needs to win the election is for voters to show up to the polls. Nevadans “need to get out and vote,” Biden added.

Nevada Assemblywoman Lucy Flores echoed Biden.

“The opposition is depending on the minority and youth populations not voting,” said Flores, who is running for the lieutenant governor office. “This is a critical year … take a friend, take a neighbor … do not vote alone,” Flores said.

Nevada’s general election is on Nov. 4. Voter registrations received by mail must be postmarked before Oct. 4. In-person registration must be completed by Oct. 14, according to the Nevada State Legislature’s website.

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