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Mayor Carolyn Goodman speaks at her first State of the City Address on April 11, 2012. (Photo courtesy of
Mayor Carolyn Goodman speaks at her first State of the City Address on April 11, 2012. (Photo courtesy of

Mayor Goodman Calls Anthony’s Candidacy a ‘Disappointment’

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Mayor Carolyn Goodman labels Councilman Stavros Anthony’s candidacy against her in the mayoral race a huge disappointment due to his lack of integrity.

Goodman implied during a press conference with UNLV students on Feb. 24, that Anthony talks out of both sides of his mouth on the topic of tax dollars.

Anthony has been a public employee or elected official for his entire duration in Nevada. His retirement, in addition to his salary as a part time councilperson, is $147,000 for the rest of his life, plus over $80,000 in salary and retirement from working as a councilman in the city, according to Goodman.

“What does that matter? It’s tax dollars,” Goodman said.

Anthony has been a strong opponent of the stadium project to bring Major League Soccer to Las Vegas. His main reason for opposition is the use of tax dollars to build the stadium.

“It’s good enough for him, but it’s not good enough to build up our community,” Goodman said.

In addition to his lack of integrity, Goodman also criticizes Anthony for his rigidity. Goodman stresses the importance of remaining nonpartisan and open minded as mayor, which she says Anthony is not.

“It has nothing to do with his running against me. It has to do with his rigidity, not wanting to understand, not listening to anything, and is just focused straight down one political pathway,” Goodman said.

According to Goodman, Anthony’s political affiliation as a Republican works against the rest of the council’s attempt to build a “world class” city. She claims that Anthony were to be elected mayor, it would not be in the best interest of the community because building, bringing business and creating jobs would come to a grinding halt.

Goodman made it clear that she has zero intention of making Anthony mayor pro tem should she be re-elected. While she refrained from divulging whom she has in mind for the position she did not hold back on her reasons to not choose Anthony again.

She clarifies there is no bad blood between them. “He is just not the person I would choose as mayor pro tem,” Goodman said.

Focusing on her own campaign, Goodman has a formula to make Las Vegas a “world class” city, touching on three major points: safety, quality medical care and residencies.

“There’s too much to do still,” Goodman said in reference to her decision to run for re-election.

In addition to her formula for the city, Goodman plans to continue her efforts to clean up downtown, saying jokingly that she will sit there herself everyday to prevent underage drinking.

She remains passionate about getting major league sports to Las Vegas, giving her support to the efforts to bring the National Hockey League to the city.

Goodman hopes to win in the primary election on April 7 but knows anything could happen.

“It is critically important that the press and the printed word gets out there where the facts are shown,” Goodman said.

The primary election will be held April 7, and, if required, the general election will be held June 2.

Goodman’s official Twitter account is inactive throughout the spring election, but city news can be tracked by following @cityoflasvegas.

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