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(Photo by Jacki Honig /
(Photo by Jacki Honig /

Society of Light Saber Duelists Bring Star Wars to UNLV

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The Society of Light Saber Duelists is an organization at UNLV that choreographs fights with light sabers and performs at various events throughout the year — both at UNLV and in the Las Vegas community.

Ryan Wilgeroth is a senior at UNLV majoring in film, and is director of performances for S.O.L.D. He took his passion for martial art and his fondness for “Star Wars” to create the organization when he was still in high school. Once entering UNLV in 2012 he continued to build the organization.

S.O.L.D. started out with only three people and now has thirty members. Wilgeroth says that thirty doesn’t sound like a lot but compared to some other organizations on campus that ask for a membership fees the numbers are good.

Wilgeroth says that you don’t have to be a fan of “Star Wars” in order to be a part of the organization.

“There is no better feeling in the world than right after a performance because you are doing something unique and performing for an audience,” Wilgeroth said. “We are a family and we all love each other and hang out as friends which is why we are still here.”

Wilgeroth says it’s the reason why they get out of the bed on a Monday.

Reed Whipple, a freshman majoring in nutrition and the public relations, is ambassador for S.O.L.D.  and has only been with the organization for about seven months. Ripple wanted to join because he is fascinated with “Star Wars” and the light saber, which is a powerful light sword used in the movie. Ripple said that the choreographing is fun and it is a great way to meet people.

(Photo by Jacki Honig /

(Photo by Jacki Honig /

The organization doesn’t have any requirements for joining and they supply the light saber swords.

This year S.O.L.D. performed at the Holodeck Ball which is the “Star Trek” confederation ball at UNLV and will continue to do performances throughout this year. Wilgeroth says the organization has committed its time outside of UNLV by working with Opportunity Village and are now doing film production that will be displayed through YouTube and Facebook.

Whipple says that people are still joining and the commitment to the organization is only on Mondays from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. rehearsing fights and learning about new performances.

S.O.L.D. is for hire for outside projects and the pricing is $125 to $200 for a performance. The organization is committed to giving an excellent performance and do require practice time to give each project its best performance.

“Each performance is unique and custom,” Wilgeroth says. He also stated that UNLV always gets free performances because S.O.L.D. is committed to the university community.





To book a performance email information to or you may contact S.O.L.D. by going to

Or visit their website at


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