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Shocking Revelations and Hardship Only Strengthen Nazaree Myles’ Family Bonds

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Nazaree Myles had a normal routine consisting of school, work and home. She lived her everyday life with her family, a healthy mom and a loving sister, until it was turned upside down.

Myles, 19, born and raised in Las Vegas, spends any free time she gets with her family.

Around two years ago, a woman introduced Myles to a young woman at her local church that appeared to share similar features with her older sister. Her gut feeling told her that it had to be more than just a coincidence.

“I always wondered why my sister didn’t really have a resemblance to my mom,” Myles said. “It was shocking to know that there was someone out there that looked like a copy and paste image of her.”

Shortly after the encounter, Myles and her sister found their mother’s hidden filing cabinet stored in their house.

Myles found an odd letter not written in her mother’s handwriting regarding her sister’s health. Curious, she brought the letter to her mother to find out its origin.

It was then, after 18 years, that Myles’ mother finally revealed to her family that she adopted Myles’ older sister. After many years of not knowing, Myles was surprised to discover she did not have a biological sister.

But that wasn’t the only life-changing discovery happening in her household — Myles also received the devastating news that her mother’s breast cancer had returned.

Myles’ mother, Marie Jones, remained strong and realized that she valued the time with her family even more.

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“My cancer made me want to spend more time with my immediate family, like my mom and dad, as well with my husband and children,” Jones said.

Throughout these surprising events impacting Myles’ life, she grew to be heavily family-oriented and optimistic of the future.

Despite the return of her mother’s breast, and finding out that her mother adopted her only sister, she didn’t view either of them any differently. In fact, the newly found information about her family gave her another reason to spend more quality time with both her sister and mother.

In efforts to support her mother’s battle against cancer, she began to participate in various breast cancer walks, and took on the role of caring for her mother after her recent double mastectomy.

Myles remains optimistic that her mother will beat the battle of cancer as she did once before, and as for her adopted sister, she loves her just the same. As the youngest member of the family, Myles values the bond she shares, and continues to strengthen, with her mother and sister.

“We got a lot closer,” Myles said. “At one point we used to argue and fight all the time, but now we laugh and joke a lot, and we’re always in each other’s space. It’s more comfortable that way.”

With her duties at home, Myles still manages to maintain a job at Time Factory and is majoring in journalism and media studies as a freshman at UNLV.

She hopes to involve herself in the field of radio entertainment, interviewing celebrities and discussing the latest gossip.

Myles describes herself as having a reserved personality outside the household, but within the home, her family refers to her as the most talkative.

“My family is like a big group of best friends that I have,” Myles said. “I tell them everything and really do like everything that best friends do with them, especially with my mom and sister.”

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