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Debra March 2

Councilwoman March Wins Election

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Councilwoman Debra March is able to serve the city of Henderson once again, after being re-elected as Henderson City Council’s Ward II seat. Her victory in the primary election means there’s no need for a general election to take place in June.

“I look forward to serving the 280,000 residents of Henderson for the next four years,” March said at her election night party on April 7.

Prior to finding out that the incumbent March would still hold office, there had been an unexpected worry thrown on her and her supporters. March’s opponent Crystal Hendrickson had decided last minute to run for the City Council election. Prior to this election, she had no experience with city government. March’s campaign manager Dave Thomas was surprised by Hendrickson’s decision.

“Nobody else had filed to run against Debra. Hendrickson thought it was an opportunity to get involved in city government,” Thomas said. “I don’t think it was a well thought out decision. You can be young and run for office if you’ve gotten actively involved in your community at a very young age, but she hasn’t done that.”

Though he was surprised by Hendrickson’s decision, he was not surprised by the early voter numbers.

Throughout that night, Thomas had been checking his phone anxiously, following the numbers of the early vote. March had about 59 percent and Hendrickson had 41 percent.

Although the race for City Council was non-partisan, there were partisan politics at play.

“Debra is a Democrat. Hendrickson is a Republican,” Thomas said. “We have about 15 percent more Republicans voting in the municipal elections than Democrats.”

He then explained that in order for March to win the election, she had to win over both parties.

At about 9 p.m., to Thomas’ relief, March made the official announcement that she would continue to represent Ward II of the Henderson City Council. As March took the podium and expressed her excitement and gratitude for everyone’s support, the room exploded with cheers and applause.

Out of the total 15,402 votes for Henderson City Council Ward II, March received 9,114. Hendrickson received 6,288.

“I’m just thrilled! It just reinforces the respect that she has of the community and how much they value her and what she’s done for us,” March supporter Tina Past said.

“She has done so much not only for protecting our quality of life in the community, but she was at the forefront of really creating transparent government in the city of Henderson,” Past said.

March has given a brief overview of some of the plans she has for this upcoming term. She touched on transportation and infrastructure solutions as well as improving education, but really expressed her desire to cater to the senior population in Henderson.

As well as being part of the Henderson City Council, March is the vice chair of the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada.

“I’d like to bring more resources to Henderson, but I’d also like to work on looking at how people can age in place,” March said. “We have a large senior population in Henderson. I’d like to look at the services that would allow people to stay in their homes and not have to go to an assisted living environment.”

March said her favorite part about being councilwoman is being of service and giving back to her community by making it a better place.

“While I didn’t get 100 percent of the vote, I represent the entire community,” March said. “I want [the people in my ward] to know that I’m committed to them.”

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