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(Photo courtesy of Jack Nourse)
(Photo courtesy of Jack Nourse)

Dave Nourse, Jack of All Trades

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The phones are ringing off the hook in the newsroom of the radio station. Students and staff answer the phone calls of excited listeners wishing to give their contributions to KUNV 91.5 The Source.

The annual pledge drive that helps keep the radio station on air causes most of the staff to stress, but through the chaos, there is one man who takes a deep breath and calmly starts his shift. He’s 32-year-old Dave Nourse.

The Gainesville, Florida native has been the operations manager and adviser of the student station as well as the executive producer of a talk show at KUNV for the past four years. The radio station is located in Greenspun Hall. It gives UNLV students and community members the opportunity to have their own radio show.

Nourse got his start in radio while he was attending college in Raleigh, North Carolina. Toward the end of his freshman year, one of his friends who had a radio show invited him to hang out in the studio. After being in the studio, Nourse wanted to get involved in his college radio station.

“It was kind of haphazard. You end up just shadowing DJs. Hopefully they teach you the right stuff, and you take a written test,” Nourse said. “I did that, and I really enjoyed it.”

He was later elected as the station manager.

After he graduated college, Nourse was given a few opportunities to continue on with radio. His first paid job in radio was as a board operator for minor league baseball games at an AM station. He then moved on to DJ multiple shows.

“It was really kind of random that I fell into [radio], but man it was fun,” Nourse said.

When Nourse made the decision to attend graduate school and major in counseling, his work in radio became a part-time job. He then proceeded to work as a counselor for high school students who were taking college classes to earn an associate’s degree.

“I kept my foot in the door with radio,” Nourse said.

After five years of working as a counselor, he needed something new. He began looking for a new job and found an open position at KUNV in Las Vegas. The position required someone with a background in radio, as well as with some sort of experience with advising students.

Shortly after speaking with Frank Mueller, the general manager for KUNV, he was offered the job. He then moved to Las Vegas.

“I was like, ‘Alright, give me a couple of weeks to pack up my house,’” Nourse said. “I drove across the country with all my pets. It was crazy, but it was fun.”

As operations manager, Nourse’s job is to make sure the radio stays functioning on air. He works with the technology and equipment in the studio and makes sure the hosts (DJs) are taken care of. The position needs a jack of all trades.

Aside from operations manager, Dave is also the executive producer of the talk show “Our Metropolis” that focuses on what’s going on in the community. He is also the student station adviser.

“That’s really the reason that I took this job,” Nourse said. “I wanted to work with UNLV students who wanted to learn, whether they were interested in broadcasting or just loved music and wanted to have a radio show.”

His desire to help students has made an impact on people like Jared Hobbs, 36, operations manager of UNLV’s student radio station The Rebel HD2.

Hobbs started at The Rebel HD2 as a student interested in having a radio show. He served as president of the station and eventually became operations manager.

“I see [Dave] as a mentor. He has actually helped me rebuild my work ethic and trained me and guided me in the right direction,” Hobbs said. “He’s done a lot for me in that sense, and I still go to him for advice and guidance.”

Hobbs said Nourse has the most patience he’s ever seen in a human being and makes it a point to make sure everyone is taken care of.

“He’s a 100 percent go-getter,” Mueller said. “I’ve never felt like Dave was looking out for number one.”

Even with all three positions at the radio station, Nourse still manages to juggle being a student and a lacrosse referee.

He is pursuing a doctorate degree in education technology and only has about one year to go.

Outside of the office and school, Nourse is a lacrosse referee for a number of different leagues across the west coast. He has been a ref for youth to post-collegiate men for almost a decade.

Nourse played lacrosse in high school and a little in college. He said he loves lacrosse, and the only way he could keep in touch with the game was to referee. He is also part of the Southern Nevada Lacrosse Association.

For the past three years, Nourse has also served on the board of a non-profit organization called the Cultural Diversity Foundation. This Southern Nevada nonprofit helps provide scholarships to students and life skills for people looking to better themselves.

He became involved after Executive Director Joni Flowers approached him to see if the foundation could collaborate with KUNV.

Nourse was emcee of the foundation’s most recent scholarship fundraising event, the 20th Anniversary Educational Taste of Excellence, in March at the World Market Center.

“I’m just happy to help,” Nourse said.


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