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North Las Vegas’ Matthew Anderson Loses Primary

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North Las Vegas resident Matthew Anderson lost his bid for the City Council Ward 4 seat in Tuesday’s primary election to Richard Cherchio, who served for two years on the North Las Vegas Council after being appointed in 2009.

Cherchio won in a landslide victory with 72 percent of the vote to Anderson’s 28 percent. The turnout accounted for 4,298 of the city’s 46, 915 registered voters.

Ward 4 represents the area north of Craig Road past the 215 Beltway, between Pecos Road and Clayton Street.

A licensed chiropractor, Anderson has met and seen many people living in his ward, but not enough to ring in the votes.

“Obviously, we came up short,” Anderson said.

At the Sun City Aliante Community Center, supporters of Anderson who gathered to celebrate what they expected to be a victory were stunned. At one point, a large screen showing the election results was simply shut off.

When Anderson’s defeat was clear, spectators still gave a round of applause for his hard work and dedication to North Las Vegas.

North Las Vegas resident Aaron Rotman believed that Anderson was the right man to run Ward 4.

“Mr. Anderson was the man for this job because of his commitment of needing more good paying, private sector jobs,” Rotman said.

In the run-up to the primary, Anderson’s supporters said they expected him to win with more than 60 percent of the vote. For the past few months, his North Las Vegas allies were wondering how big they could goose the margins.

However, there were warning signs that his supporters had seen. Over the past 12 years, Anderson has had six tax liens filed against him, totaling nearly $400,000. Anderson’s aides consistently brushed off the challenge, telling his supporters that the problem didn’t merit the coverage it was getting.

Cherchio also trailed in fundraising, pulling in $8,500 compared to Anderson’s $12,000.

Anderson took the primary challenge seriously.

He held nothing back in February and March. He spent more on aiming to win his campaign, his community and his ward.

Desiree Stogden, an Anderson supporter, said: “Anderson’s entire political operation was thrust into full throttle. He was trying to set an example by aiming to find a way to create more jobs and keep the streets safe.”

“I am still and will continue to be an Anderson supporter,” Rotman said.

Anderson knew that running against Cherchio would be tough because of his political experience and well-known name, but he felt fortunate of his supporters.

“I can’t thank my family and supporters enough for their continued support during this campaign,” Anderson said.

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