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(Photo courtesy of Jorge Corral)
(Photo courtesy of Jorge Corral)

UNLV Student Was Destined for Greek Life

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Jorge Corral, 20, is making strides as UNLV’s multicultural Greek council president.

It is through dedication and a love for people that he is able to succeed in his role at the university. “I believe I am hard working, optimistic, unselfish and a ball of joy,” Corral said when he was asked to describe himself. “I am always smiling because there is no reason not to. I care and love for everyone, so I try to help anyone who needs help even if I don’t know them.”

Corral is a sophomore studying computer science, but Greek life seemed to have always been in the future for him. He was a sophomore in high school when he met his future fraternity brothers at the Multicultural Youth Leadership Conference. A lot of the fraternity members volunteered there. They took him under their wing and showed him ‘how to be a gentleman.’

“From there, I knew that if I went to UNLV, I would want to be a part of that fraternity,” Corral said.

The fraternity was Omega Delta Phi. It wasn’t until he officially joined Greek life in the fall of 2013 during his freshman year that he learned to love it. This love for Greek life led him on the path to taking on a more involved role in his own Greek community.

Corral doesn’t take the job as Multicultural Greek Council president lightly. He knows it takes hard work and dedication–there’s always something going on in the Greek world.

One of Corral’s goals is to help MGC become united with some of the other Greek councils on campus. “It has been really hard to get people to work together and unite as Greek Life instead of as a specific council,” Corral stated with a sigh. “Plus, making sure they follow what they are meant to do and making sure every fraternity and sorority is okay is also hard.”

The MGC is made up different fraternities and sororities from various ethnic backgrounds.  There are a total of four Greek councils at UNLV. The National Panhellenic Council (NPHC) consists of historically African American fraternities and sororities. The Interfraternity Council (IFC) is made up of social men’s fraternities. Last, there is the Panhellenic Council (PHC), which is made up of social women’s sororities. There are also a number of service, Greek-lettered organizations and honor fraternities that do not belong to any council.

Sometimes, being the president of a council means being the ‘bad guy.’ If fraternities and sororities under his wing do not do the jobs they are supposed to do, then it comes back to him.

Although Corral said the job can be rough at times, there are people behind him that know he can do anything he puts his mind to. Cristian Aranda, 21, is the current president of Omega Delta Phi Fraternity Inc. and is Corral’s big brother in the organization. He is proud of what he has seen Corral do.

“Jorge has many accomplishments in his young life. He was the recipient for the Boys and Girls Club youth of the year,” Aranda said. “If you’re a part of the fortunate group of people he really cares about, you can be confident in knowing he has your back.”

Jiselle Alverez, 25, also had nothing but positive things to say about Corral. Alverez met Corral through Greek life and considers him her unofficial Greek Life younger brother. Alverez said: “I have been a witness to Jorge putting his feelings and his problems aside so he can help others. I have also seen him have so much pride for the Greek Life community that he is a part of. He is always putting 100 percent in for his brotherhood.”

Community service and helping others is at the top of Corral’s priorities. One organization close to his heart is the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. “ I am huge on the Boys and Girls Club, so I volunteer with them as much as I can,” Corral said. “I work at Toyota Financial Savings Banks, so I have come to be a mentor to a young sophomore at Clark High School.”

Other foundations and charities that Corral has worked with include the Latino Youth Leadership Alumni, in which he is an alumnus, Three Square, Habitat 4 Humanity, Relay 4 Life, March of Madness, Goodie Two Shoes and Court Appointed Special Advocates.

“I am really big on giving back as much as possible to the community,” Corral said with a nod and a smile.

Although he finds helping the community very important, family comes first for him. Family is also his biggest motivation. He has made it one of his goals to make sure that his family is taken care of.

“The greatest thing I have ever seen him do is hold down a job at Toyota to support his family financially, while also being a full time student,” Aranda recalled.

“I do the best I can at everything I do, because whatever I do is a reflection of my family and what my parents taught me,” Corral said, in reference to how he got his work ethic and his motivation to succeed. “I’ll be damned if I ever make them look bad.”

He believes that he helps too much, sometimes to the point where it hurts him, but it never stops his giving spirit.

Natalie Perea, 21, is another good friend of Corral. She met him about a semester ago when he attended her sorority’s formal. He was another sister’s date. “He gives to give, not because he expects anything in return, but because he puts everyone’s feelings before his,” Perea said. “Jorge is the type of person that never gives up, because no matter how many times he is knocked down, he comes back only ten times stronger.”

Corral is focused on graduating college, but he would also love start his own business. “I want to own my own video game company that would produce fun games that kids our age would like,” Corral said, “but also create games that will be given to people less fortunate that will teach them life skills like using a computer.”

With his future success, Corral wants to give back to the organization that gave him so much in life. “ I eventually want to donate as much money as I can for the Boys and Girls Club and have a clubhouse under my name.” He desires to sponsor a family that goes to the club that might need financial help.

He also strives to pay off everything for his parents. He emphasized that he wanted his parents to be able to have a calm and relaxing retirement and not have to worry about anything. “They have dealt with enough already,” Corral said.

“I have confidence that Jorge will be successful at anything he puts his mind to,” Aranda said.

“He has a smile that reaches from ear to ear, that never goes away,” Perea said. “He is just Jorge!”

Corral reassures the confidence that he has in himself, but he also stays humble. “I can be very confident at times. I rarely have a low self-esteem, but everyone has his or her days,” Corral said. “I am honest to everyone. I believe honesty and communication are keys to success in anything you do.”

Corral’s confidence, positive spirit and high energy continue to lead him on the road to success.

“Ultimately, I love who I am,” Corral said. “I am freaking Jorge.”

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