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Rebel Copy is expected to open in June. (Photo by Raven Jackson)
Rebel Copy is expected to open in June. (Photo by Raven Jackson)

New Copy Shop to Open in Student Union

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This June students at UNLV will have the opportunity to ship packages, fax, copy, scan and print documents, all from the Student Union.

Many students are unaware that the Reprographics Design Services Center at UNLV (Campus Copy Center) is available to them for many uses. The building is located at the back of the Lied Library by the UNLV Parking Services building on Harmon Avenue; the front of the building can be accessed by simply walking behind the library.

But students will soon become acquainted with the center and all its services.

“There have been stories of students coming in, to print out dissertations and they’ve had no clue we were here,” said Keith Spain, production supervisor at Reprographics Design Services at UNLV. “But with the new Student Union shop, we’ll get more exposure and it’s more convenient for the students.”

The Copy Center has been on campus for over 25 years and has been used by faculty, students and alumni for various things. Some graduate students have their dissertations printed in the copy shop. The Copy Center is a combination department, which means Reprographics serves faculty and staff only. The Copy Center is for students and alumni.

Soon students won't have to leave the Student Union for all of their copying, printing and shipping needs. (Photo by Raven Jackson)

Soon students won’t have to leave the Student Union for all of their copying, printing and shipping needs. (Photo by Raven Jackson)

“We cater only to the university,” Spain said. “We don’t do any outside work. We don’t compete with anybody.”

The Copy Center offers printings for anything from small business cards, to banners, flyers, course packets, black and white copies, color copies, and brochures.

“Our copy shop would be comparable to a FedEx Kinkos kind of operation,” said Donna McAleer, interim director of Reprographics Design Services at UNLV.

Every university has some sort of copy shop for the numerous things printed on campus, such as calendars and catalogs. The UNLV Copy Shop is a cost recovery shop, which means rates may fluctuate depending on money produced; however, they must recover their costs while being fiscally healthy and responsible.

“Primarily, we are a cost recovery unit. We’re not supposed to make a profit. We’re supposed to take whatever money we earn one year and plow it into the next year,” McAleer said. “If we make a lot of money, we have to lower our rates. If we lose money, we have to increase our rates.”

(Photo by Raven Jackson)

(Photo by Raven Jackson)

During, the printing process, reprographics has a standard time window for designing a product. Once a designer has created a product, a proof is sent off to the buyer to review the product. Sometimes there are contracts for printing that may not be realistic for the copy shop to execute, given the lack of enough hands on deck.

“We have outside vendors that bid for different jobs, and obviously the lowest bidder with the best and cheapest product wins the contract to print the job,” Spain said. “There’s a lot of pre-pressed design work we do here. But, if it’s a large run, we simply don’t have the capability of doing it due to time constraints and not having enough man power, we’ll send it off for bid.”

Furthermore, online printing is available to faculty at this time, but in the future students will also be able to use the Reprographics online system. An overall goal of the department is for faculty and students to be able to print faster and conveniently send in their orders ahead of time without having to come into the office. This allows users to submit their print jobs online, review them and be notified when they are completed.

For many years, the department has been trying to reserve a space for students to print within the Student Union, which is a location frequented by students for lounging, eating, passing time and studying. In the near future, students will be able to access a copy shop in the central campus location. The shop will be called Rebel Copy and Send, and students will be able to ship packages also, similar to a post office.

“There have been some delays in getting all the architectural layouts and the bids for the contractors to do the remodeling,” McAleer said. “Now, were thinking to open the shop shortly after commencement, early summer. This will give us a soft opening and a chance to get use to the space and things during the summer won’t be so hectic.”

The future of the department seems to be very bright. New and fresh ideas are being drafted and opportunities are presenting themselves.

“It’s long been our dream to get in the Student Union and we finally have that opportunity.” McAleer said.

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