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Gamma Phi Beta to Become UNLV’s Eighth Sorority

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Come spring 2016, UNLV will unveil its eighth sorority–Gamma Phi Beta.

Gamma Phi Beta is part of The National Panhellenic Conference, which governs 26 women’s fraternities and sororities and unifies them together as a Greek-letter community. The NPC has an executive board and advisers at UNLV who run sorority affairs on campus.

UNLV currently hosts seven NPC organizations: Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Xi Delta, Delta Zeta, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Sigma Kappa and Zeta Tau Alpha. Combined, these groups total more than 750 members.

Last November, the sororities on campus voted whether or not they would like to add another sorority.  The vote passed and all 26 PHC organizations were notified that UNLV was open for extension.

Extension is the process of adding another sorority to a university campus, and colonizing is the state a chapter is in before it is given a charter at a university. A charter is essentially a permanent spot on campus.

An extension committee was formed, which included one woman from each sorority at UNLV, a representative from NPC and the Greek adviser at UNLV.

The committee reviewed recruitment statistics, chapter growth and diversity on campus to determine if UNLV needed another sorority. Ultimately, the committee found it was necessary to bring another sorority on campus.

Sororities applied and three were chosen to vie for the spot on UNLV’s campus: Alpha Omicron Pi, Delta Delta Delta and Gamma Phi Beta. These sororities were chosen based on a rubric rating system done by the delegates from the extension committee. After the sororities were chosen, each sorority sent representatives to present to NPC and the other sororities on campus.

Each NPC sorority on campus had it’s own vote, as well as NPC and the university. Of those nine votes, Gamma Phi Beta was chosen to colonize at UNLV in the spring of 2016.

Committee members were thrilled to take part in extension.

“It was a great experience being a part of the extension committee,” said Emily Srok, a committee member. “I’m really excited for our panhellenic community to continue growing and for more women to find their home in Greek life at UNLV.”

Members of sororities on campus are excited and happy about bringing another chapter to UNLV.

“I feel that the extension will allow more opportunities for women to become involved and become stronger leaders both on and off our campus,” said Noelle Cimino, sorority member at UNLV. “More sororities will allow for women who come from all walks of life to seek out and find an organization that meets their individual needs and matches their values.”

They are also pleased with the sorority that was chosen.

“I am stoked we are inviting Gamma Phi Beta, because I really love what they stand for,” said Taylor Conception, a member of a sorority on campus. “They seem super excited to be a part of our Greek community, and that is what we need. We want an organization that wants to come out and make an impact.”

Sorority members are not the only people who are excited about adding another one to UNLV.

“I am a product of the Greek system. It was important in my development. I come with a bias,” said Dan Klaich, Nevada System of Higher Education chancellor. “I think that part of the experience of being at an institution is growth socially as well as intellectually and done right the Greek system can play a roll in that.”

Klaich believes that adding another Greek organization on campus can increase student admissions to UNLV. In Klaich’s opinion, adding Gamma Phi Beta is a move in the right direction for UNLV and NPC.

The colonization process will begin next spring when they start recruiting women at UNLV to join their organization and help them get their charter on campus.

Once their charter is earned, they will become an official sorority at UNLV and will no longer be a colony.

Gamma Phi Beta was founded in 1874 and has over 130 active college chapters around the nation. Their philanthropy program is Building Strong Girls, which inspires the female leaders of tomorrow.

More sororities may be added to campus in the future. There are also 11 fraternities for men at UNLV.

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