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Seth Love aspires to improve education in Nevada. (Photo by Dana Rutkin)
Seth Love aspires to improve education in Nevada. (Photo by Dana Rutkin)

Las Vegas Tutor Vows to Change Nevada Education

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Nevada’s education system is ranked at No. 50, and the ranking of children’s overall well-being is also low on the list. However, there’s one man who has the skills and ambition to make the necessary improvements.

Growing up, Seth Love, 28, knew he wanted to change the face of education, but recently he discovered what a miraculous change it would be.

When Love realized the low level of Nevada’s education, he detected that children in poor schooling systems do not find importance in learning. His discovery sparked a passion for making school exciting. He decided to take a stand against the state’s disadvantage and not only help the schooling system, but become a teacher who motivates children to be the best people they can be.

“I am ready to put my spin on teaching,” Love said. “I want to teach children how to apply classroom lessons to real life.”

Love graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2010 with a double bachelor’s degree in writing and anthropology, and after decided to take up tutoring as a part-time job.

Tutoring children of all ages was his first try at teaching and interested him more than he initially expected. Love has a passion for language and culture but also a long family lineage of teachers to inspire him.

“My grandmother was a teacher at one of the first desegregated schools in Nevada,” Love said. “She went beyond teaching and brought people together through education, and that made me want to do the same.”

Love’s father also directed a non-profit theater program, and the way he could direct large groups of children and bring them happiness helped Love in deciding his own career path.

“Seth has always aspired to instill the joy of learning,” said Robert Love, Seth’s father. “I predicted he would become a teacher since he was a kid.”

Love was also extremely upset because his 21-year-old younger sister, who has Down syndrome, struggled in the Nevada schooling system.

“I had to watch my sister receive a terrible education just because she was disabled,” Love said. “This was not fair and gave me the desire to help all Nevadan children receive proper schooling.”

In 2014, Love came back to his hometown to get a degree in secondary education at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Currently, the United States is implicating a common core policy to bring every state’s education system up to a national level.

With this policy, Love’s goal is to make the common core system beneficial for Nevada students.

“I want to make sure common core equally affects the entire country,” Love said. “I hope the students of Nevada can finally learn at a higher level.”

Love has also observed the amount of bullying that occurs in schools that distracts from education and hopes to create safe learning environments.

“Cyber bullying was not around when I was in high school,” Love said. “I see how it hurts students now, and I want to protect them.”

Love has chosen to teach high school English in order to encourage teenagers to further their education and make college and career plans.

The future teacher disagrees with the way that the education system pushes for good grades over life experiences and passion for certain subjects, and he is ready to revamp the system.

“Children no longer go to school to learn and to grow as people,” Love said. “They learn just to get a passing grade or please their parents.”

With personal experiences and observations of the Nevada education system, Love will not view teaching as a way to make money, but as a way to positively affect lives.

“When I become a teacher, I will have a philosophy,” Love said. “I do not want my students to learn for a test or a grade, I want them to learn for a lifetime.”

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