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UNLV student Jessica Garner. (Photo by Alayne Dizon)
UNLV student Jessica Garner. (Photo by Alayne Dizon)

UNLV Student with a Passion for Fashion

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Fashion has inspired women of all ages throughout the 21st century.  From fashion blogs, to the latest issue of Vogue magazine, to the sketchbook and sewing machine of a young lady with a heart filled with passion and dreams, the trends of the season will never go unnoticed.

These things make up the life of Jessica Garner.

At the age of 18, Garner moved from her hometown of Las Vegas after graduating from Southwest Career and Technical Academy to pursue her love of fashion at the Fashion Institute of Design and Marketing in downtown Los Angeles.

However, going to school for fashion in the heart of LA wasn’t what Garner anticipated.

“I didn’t really feel like I belonged there. I felt like it was harder to make friends. I felt like the classes were really easy and I wasn’t learning what I had hoped I would learn,” Garner admitted.

Before turning 19, Garner moved back to Las Vegas and transferred to UNLV.

“My mom, dad, sister, uncle… A lot of my family members came [to UNLV] and got their degrees. It would just be best to come back, that way I get my full closet at home and I get to be at home and not have to spend money on meals.”

Moving back in with her parents was a dramatic change, but Garner enjoys the comfort of being home.

After leaving the Fashion Institute of Design and Marketing, Garner continued to pursue her love for fashion through blogging with a little inspiration from her favorite blogger — Peace Love Shea.

“I got to meet her at an H&M opening in Los Angeles. I asked her about blogging and I told her I was interested in blogging because I like to style myself and play stylist with other people,” Garner said. “She kind of inspired me, although I wouldn’t be able to wear Chanel everyday like she is.”

Garner’s love for both fashion and writing motivated her to start her own fashion blog, where she encourages her followers to dress better and shop in the stores she shops in herself.

Garner Profile 2

“I went to high school for fashion design and that experience made me fall in love with fashion,” she said. “And I love writing. I thought, on a fashion blog, I could showcase the stuff that I make and also let it be known who I am to people I will probably never even meet.”

Garner describes fashion design as a way of expressing herself through art.

“It’s like a painting. It shows emotion and feeling, but in a completely different way than people would normally see art,” she said. “I think it’s really cool how you can show feelings and emotions through a runway show or through a collection.”

Garner’s favorite fashion designers include Betsy Johnson who is known for her quirky designs, Donna Karan, also known as the DKNY designer and businesswoman and Christian Dior for his innovations.

“Dior was very capable of moving with the times and being an innovator, as well as being able to follow what women wanted,” Garner said. “It made me have so much respect for him as a designer because he was capable of doing something that a lot of designers weren’t.”

Although Garner is constantly amazed by her favorite designers, she does not look up to any fashion designers for her own personal style.

“I’m always in jeans and a t-shirt… I look up to other designers for inspiration on who I should be as a designer. I will look at people who are in the House of Couture and look and their lines and try to figure out how could I be one of them one day… But I typically don’t look for inspiration,” she said. “I find inspiration in random things like if I’m watching a TV show and I see someone with a really pretty necklace on, I’ll try to replicate that necklace right away.

Garner also sparks her imagination with not only how her visions of a certain look are made, but also what they should be made with.

“Whatever I find, I like to create something out of it.”  Garner laughs, “So I guess I inspire myself.”

Throughout her time at UNLV, Garner wishes to utilize the extended education program for fashion. She hopes her background in journalism will accentuate and correspond with her passion for fashion.

She is currently planning to start her blog over the summer.

Garner concludes, “I just want to be able to inspire someone else.”


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