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(Photo by Nathan Van Arsdale)
(Photo by Nathan Van Arsdale)

Musical Performers Close Semester Strong

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UNLV women’s chorus and the varsity men’s glee club performed their last concert of the season on April 22 at the Lee and Thomas Beam Music Center.

The performance was presented by the College of Fine Arts, and began at 7:30 p.m. with the women’s choir. Leading this choir was conductor Jocelyn Jensen. Conducting for the men was David Weiller.

The event was open to the public. It saw about 80 attendees and was sponsored by UNLV’s own Department of Music.

Among those attendees was a mother of one of the performers and a regular supporter, Maiema Sepulveda.

“It was incredible, I can’t believe how wonderful it was,” Sepulveda said.

Even though her son was amongst the varsity men’s glee club she couldn’t help but appreciate the women’s chorus.

“The women’s performance was my favorite,” Sepulveda said. “It was exciting and beautiful.”

Participants in had been preparing since January, most of which were very happy with the overall performance.

“I feel very good about the performance tonight,” Weiller said. “The students worked very hard.”

In the group of student performers was exchange student, Efraim Hoglund. This was his first year in the varsity men’s glee club.

“It’s been very fun to see how we have evolved from day one. Especially for me, because I have not seen or heard these people before and we have really been growing as a group and choir,” Hoglund said.

Professor Weiller did more than just conduct. He is the director of choral studies and oversees all the choirs. For this last concert he also directed the men’s varsity glee club, which he founded himself.

“I have been teaching here for 31 years and I think it was maybe my fourth year here I decided we needed a men’s choir so I started the men’s glee club,” Weiller said.

This concert was the last performance of the semester for the women’s chorus, but the men’s glee club went on to perform once more later in the week.

“It is always an important time,” Weiller said. “We are celebrating all of our hard work and it really pays off near the end of the semester because everyone is feeling really confident and excited to share our music.”

Weiller said that expectations for both performance and attendance were met.

Moving on from not only the concert, but also from the entire year there are future goals for the women’s chorus and varsity men’s glee club.

“Get more people to attend the concert and get more people in the choir,” Hoglund said.

Getting more people involved appears very important for this club and improvement has been noticeable.

“This actually is the biggest group ever and I think we have 48 boys right now,” Hoglund said.

The group is always looking for participants, and Weiller said that everyone is welcome.

“We really like having music majors as well as non music majors,” Weiller said.

The performance was an overall success, and now looking forward Weiller has his own future goals.

“Keep doing great concerts,” Weiller said, “and continue getting more and more universities involved with the joy of singing.”

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