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Students dance in a silent Student Union ballroom during CSUN's Silent Disco on April 20. (Photo by Krystal Madrid)
Students dance in a silent Student Union ballroom during CSUN's Silent Disco on April 20. (Photo by Krystal Madrid)

Students Dance to the Beat of CSUN’s Silent Disco

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Students across the dancefloor move to the beat of different styles of music, yet the ballroom remains silent.

CSUN hosted a free silent disco for all UNLV students in the Student Union ballroom during the annual Greek Week on Thursday April 20.

A silent disco is a relatively new and uprising event in which attendees are provided wireless headphones with different stations of music being broadcasted. For this silent disco, two DJs performed live on stations “A” and “B.”

Anyone without headphones cannot hear the music, creating a comical visual effect of people dancing in silence.

It is established within the CSUN bylaws that student government hosts an event during Greek Week, which can also integrate non-Greeks. The total cost of the event came to $7,000.

“I decided to go because I was hungry,” said Timothy Sweeney, who attended the event mainly for the free Chipotle that was catered. “I actually enjoyed the event much more than I thought I would.”

The ballroom had all lights turned off with the exception of orange lighting on the perimeter of the room, which surrounded the dance floor, tables and DJ stage.

The event provided multiple giveaways for students such as free Chipotle, free Greek Week tank tops, and glow sticks.

(Photo by Krystal Madrid)

(Photo by Krystal Madrid)

“We catered food for 300 people, had 150 shirts and ran out of everything,” said Ryan Romero, CSUN’s assistant director of campus life. “An estimated 400 students showed up to the event.”

It was apparent that the event organizers did not expect the amount of people that attended the silent disco, as they initially only prepared five tables for the attendees to eat.

Within 20 minutes of the start of the event, five extra tables had to be brought out due to the excessive amount of student population in attendance. Even with the extra tables, there still was not an adequate amount of seating available.

At the start of the event, nobody had the courage to be the first ones to dance, until three brave girls decided to dance by themselves. This created a snowball-effect which resulted in about 50 individuals joining the three girls on the dance floor.

Shea Okamoto, 19, was one of the few people that had been to another silent disco in the past and believed that CSUN’s silent disco was an “overall, great experience.”

The DJs who performed would interact with the crowd through microphones and instructed them to do simultaneous actions like clapping, jumping, or screaming. As a result, approximately half of the crowd would do something completely different than the other half.

Whether people danced, ate or simply spectated, the environment appeared to be friendly and upbringing to all in attendance.

“I had extremely low expectations,” Sweeney said. “After I was done dancing, I realized I loved the experience.”

(Photo by Krystal Madrid)

(Photo by Krystal Madrid)

CSUN used the services of Head Phone Disco, who provided the students and two DJs with 400 headsets to be used during the event.

The entire event lasted close to two and a half hours. Even though freebies ran out within the first hour, a large number of people stayed for the remaining time dancing with their friends.

“I love events that get people together to have a good time,” Okamoto said. “I would definitely do it again.”

The student government’s goal of entertaining UNLV students and improving student life was met beyond the expectations after the success of the silent disco.

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