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Premier UNLV 2015 Kicks Off School Year

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Lights, camera, UNLV!

UNLV celebrated its 20 annual Premier UNLV event Thursday night with the traditional spelling of the school’s name using student bodies while fireworks lit up the sky above the Intramural Field.

The signature photo was taken when the sun went down. A horde of students gathered to spell UNLV while holding up red lights as fireworks burst in the background lighting up the sky with the Las Vegas Strip in the distance.

The unique photo included freshmen in the letter U, sophomores in the letter N, juniors in the letter L and seniors in the letter V.

“I went to Premier as a freshman and loved it. I stood in the U section with the other freshmen, and I remember having such a great time. And now a year later I’m at the same event having fun again. Now I’m just in a different letter, N. I plan on coming back every year until I graduate,” said sophomore Lauren Anding.

The Rebel Events Board and Office of Student Engagement and Diversity sponsors the Premier party the first week of classes, according to co-host Cameron Rollins.

The fun-filled student, faculty and staff party featured free food and T-shirts, water and fan stations, a DJ, contests, information booths, live performances and the fireworks display.

“This is my favorite event to spin at out of the whole year,” said DJ Josh Hunter, who spins under the name ParaDice.

Event attendees enjoyed Premier as well.

“It was really, really hot out, but the event was great,” said senior Krystina Kinney. “I loved the DJ and it’s always fun to socialize.”

The party also doubled as one of the university’s biggest recycling events of the year. For every five plastic bottles donated, event goers were given reusable water bottles.

“This is the second year I’ve gotten to host this awesome event. Not only is it a really great experience that brings people together, but it is also one of the biggest recycling campaigns all year,” said Jeniffer Pierrot, the host of Premier UNLV.

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