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Rebel Place

Living Options: Take a look at UNLV’s Rebel Place

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Throughout the year, students at the University of Nevada Las Vegas have the option of residing in modern, inexpensive student apartments near campus.

Some students are unaware that the Rebel Place student apartments are a great and stylish living space that offers a variety of incentives to its residents. Rebel Place was built about 5 years ago, with four stories and 156 units. Additionally, the community gives residents access to a computer lab, group study room, clubhouse, a 24-hour fitness center, swimming pool, a shuttle bus and more.

“Rebel Place, its specialized plan for, off campus student housing. What we wanted really to do was provide housing for students that was convenient, affordable and provided them the amenities that they really wanted,” said Heidi Westerhoff, Pinnacle Regional Property Manager.

The complex is located just north of campus on Swenson St. soon after crossing Flamingo Road. These apartments are close to campus and conveniently located near shopping centers.

“Students that’s our market, our target market,” Westerhoff said. “Because of our proximity to UNLV, it works very well for the UNLV student.”

The apartments are male, female and co-ed, come completely furnished and all utilities are included in the monthly rent. With all of this in mind, there is a list of prospects who are hopeful to move in.

“We have a lengthy wait list,” said Geena White-Arbizo, Pinnacle Leasing Manager.

Westerhoff and Desiree Raven, Pinnacle Property Manager, mentioned that once students who currently live at Rebel Place sign and complete their renewals, staff has a better idea of available units. Then, the waiting list is opened at a first come, first serve basis.

Likewise, students can receive discounts when renewing early or referring future residents. Floor plans include two, three and four bedroom layouts with 12 month leasing agreements that fluctuate depending on move in date.

“Ours are the school year, they start in August and all of our leases expire July 31st,” said Raven.

The rent amounts are per bedroom and vary depending on the number of rooms within the apartment. All bedrooms resemble master suites with bathroom and closet within the room.

“Our two bedroom, two bath is $657, our three bedrooms are at $617 and our four bedrooms are anywhere from $531 – $545 per bedroom,” White-Arbizo said.

Residents include and range from UNLV students who are athletes, dancers, students involved in Greek life and those who don’t belong to any organization, group or club.

The staff at Rebel Place is courteous and supportive of all students. Attending games and campus events is something they honor and enjoy.

“We support them. We have basketball players, football players, hockey, we have a couple swimmers, golfers here on property,” White-Arbizo said. “We’re at every game.”

Along with being great rebel supporters, these apartments help support students who may not have a vehicle or just want to save gas by supplying them with the Rebel Place shuttle bus.

“It provides shuttle rides to campus every 30 minutes during the day, weekdays,” Westerhoff said. “We also have a few additional stops that we’ve just added which would be shopping for the students. So, it’s not just campus, if they want to go places too, we have some stops to the conveniences of the neighborhood.”

The Rebel Place staff strives to give students what they want to better their living experience. This is done through surveys and raffles.

“We’re constantly trying to think of new things that the students like,” Westerhoff said. “We recently took a survey of the students. We’re going through the surveys just to hear what they want and we’ll be incorporating different programs as a result of that.”

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