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UNLV and the International Athletic Scholarships

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas spent $ 7,168,880 for 403 athletic scholarships for 2014-2015, with 50 of those being offered to international student-athletes.

So far UNLV has already provided 356 athletic scholarships for 2015-2016, out of which 46 are being offered to international student-athletes.

International students often don’t have the opportunity to attend American colleges if they are not on an athletic scholarship. Myke Molina, the program coordinator for athletic scholarships and the accounts payable supervisor for UNLV, said the cost of attendance is twice the amount for international students as it is for American students.

A 30 credit yearly athletic scholarship for an in-state full grant student is around $18,352 and an international full grant student is $34,758. Molina says the coaches’ goal is to go for the talent and their job is based upon forming the best team regardless of where the student-athletes are from.

According to Molina, giving scholarships to international students does not reduce the number of athletic scholarships that can be awarded. It is just a little bit more expensive. The university is not pressured to award only a certain number of international students with scholarships.

The women’s tennis team at UNLV is comprised entirely of international student-athletes. The women are from El Salvador, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, China and Spain.

The head coach of the team, Kevin Cory, explains that he sends his assistant coach to search for good athletes at the professional tournaments all over the world. They search for the most talented women and once they find them they don’t hesitated to give them a scholarship and pay for their education.

“We try to convince them that our university is great and we essentially become their extended family once they arrive in Las Vegas,” says Cory. “We take care of all the financial needs, health insurance, doctors and support system,” he added.  

There are two types of athletic aid at UNLV. The first is head count sports, which gives full athletic scholarships. The sports, which are fortunate enough to receive these scholarships at UNLV, are women’s tennis, women’s basketball, volleyball, men’s basketball and football.

The second is equivalency, where a certain amount of scholarships are broken into different percentages of scholarship for each athlete. Those are not full scholarships. Some of the teams at UNLV that are on equivalency scholarships are men’s tennis and baseball as well as the cross-country team.
An athletic scholarship for 30 credits yearly covers the following; on campus room and board which is roughly $10,730.  It also covers course fees, books and mandatory student fees, which are around $18,352. For out of state tuition adds $13,910 more and the price comes to $32,262. Finally, for international student the mandatory international student health insurance is added in the amount of $2,206 and a mandatory international fee of $290, which brings the total cost to $34,758 for an international student to attend UNLV.

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