Virtual Rebel
Office: 1306 Greenspun Hall
Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies
4505 S. Maryland Parkway, Box 455007
Las Vegas, Nevada 89145-5007Greenspun Hall

About Virtual Rebel

Virtual Rebel, the online news website of UNLV’s Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies, provides a single multi-media site to display the work of JMS students. It both offers students the opportunity to prepare portfolios for professional work and acts as an aggregation site for UNLV-related news.

A majority of the content on Virtual Rebel comes from feature stories, broadcast segments, photojournalism galleries and other news-related work by JMS students, completed both inside of class and independently. JMS faculty members provide professional oversight to ensure high standards.

Featured on the homepage, the Student Profiles section highlights student work. You can find the work of contributing writers through a name search with the engine at the top toolbar. Virtual Rebel works closely with the UNLV Office of Media Relations and the UNLV News Center to highlight campus news. We also host a section in español for students developing portfolios in Spanish-speaking media. While students at UNLV contribute directly to Virtual Rebel, its coverage area includes all of Southern Nevada.

Submitting a Story

Students of the Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies who would like to submit work to Virtual Rebel should follow these guidelines:

  • Email your work to The subject line of your email should include your byline (the way you want your name to appear on the site) and the class for which you wrote the story or developed your project. If you created the piece independent of class, indicate that you produced it on your own.
  • Submit your story as a Word attachment, using standard formatting and font (12-point Times New Roman preferred). Include a headline for the story, but note that the headline may change at a copy editor’s discretion.
  • Please give the web coordinator a week to respond to requests for publication. You will often hear back within a week, but the workload can get heavy at points throughout the semester, and we appreciate your patience. If your piece is time sensitive, please write “Time Sensitive” in the subject line, so it receives immediate attention.
  • Include your contact information, so in case of questions, the web coordinator can reach you. Most communication occurs via email, but occasionally the web coordinator may want to call or text.
  • Stories must have at least one photo for publication. Provide the name of the photographer or the source of the photo that you include and indicate whether you received permission to reprint the photo. Photos that are not in the public domain (such as government or educational websites) require permission for republication to avoid copyright infringement.
  • Photo galleries should include full captions for each photo and a short introduction to the gallery written by the photographer. Each photo caption should also include the photo credit (Photo by [ … ]). We recommend Adobe Lightroom, which includes this information as metadata usable by our system. Video and audio clips should also include credits and a short introduction.

We invite you to check back often for news and new developments. If you have ideas for stories you would like to propose or other comments about the site, please contact the Virtual Rebel web coordinator at Follow us on Facebook and on Twitter.