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www.churchschickensurvey.com – Take the Church’s Chicken Survey! Get coupons: Your opinion matters! An online questionnaire designed by Church’s Chicken is available at ChurchsChickensurvey, which enables the company to gauge customer satisfaction based on the responses submitted by them.



This allows the company to identify its strengths and weaknesses, thereby improving its service. It has been made a user-friendly online platform to collect user reviews with ease.

You can take the survey to inform the company about your experience with their service. It is difficult for the company to pinpoint where its flaws lie, hence every time you submit a response to the survey, you are helping the company to serve you better.

The company is constantly updating its services and making changes in its stores, so your contribution is of great importance. Every time you submit a response, you will also be able to redeem a special validation code for an offer. On checking with your receipt, you may avail yourself of a percentage off of your bill or a free item.

Church’s Chicken Survey

If you enjoyed fried chicken at the Church’s Chicken, you must take a chance of participating in their survey to give them your honest feedback. It is known to all that the secret behind running a great company is a great relationship with the customer. Keeping that in mind, Church’s Chicken always strives to improve their relationship with its customers.

To achieve great customer satisfaction, they have designed a customer feedback service at www. ChurchsChickenfeedback.com, which enables the company to gather visitors’ feedback. Besides, this allows the company to serve the customers better.

Church’s Chicken is deeply grateful to the customer for taking out their valuable time to submit feedback. To appreciate the customer for engaging in making them a better service provider, the company offers them a free coupon. The rules and regulations for participating in the feedback program have been discussed below.

Please submit your honest feedback at Church’s Chicken Feedback Survey after reading this post carefully. While you enjoy a free offer, this survey will enable them to improve their food quality and services.

How to take the Church’s Chicken Survey?

church's chicken survey

Step 1: Log on to www.churchschickenfeedback.com

Step 2: Be careful when reading the instructions

Step 3: Ensure you keep the receipt handy

Step 4: Choose your preferred language between English and Spanish

Step 5: Enter the visiting date & time, store number, and order number from the receipt.

Step 6: Click on the link “Start Survey” to begin the Church’s Chicken survey

Step 7: Answer the questions honestly.

Step 8: When You have done it, you will receive a validation code

Step 9: keep the code safely for the redemption of free goodies/ meals.

Tip of the day

To enjoy a coupon code from Church’s Chicken, you need to buy something from the restaurant. By this, you will receive a receipt that will carry the details needed to take the survey. So you can buy something of a small value and smartly take the survey.

Church’s Chicken Survey Details

church's chicken survey

The survey is open to recent customers only. You must have a valid receipt which you will get after you have paid for your order at Church’s Chicken restaurant. It is important to know that the survey reward may change without any prior notice to the customer. The management of Church’s Chicken holds the authority to make changes in the way they want to run the survey.

Church’s Chicken Survey Rewards

Church’s Chicken acknowledges your contribution towards making them a better service provider by giving away exciting prizes. Therefore, once you complete the survey, you will be eligible for a free coupon which may be redeemable as a prize. Note, that you cannot redeem the coupon for cash. Nevertheless, coupons get you discounts and you can save on your next meal at Church’s Chicken.

How to redeem a coupon?

You can redeem the coupon on your next visit to Church’s Chicken. The coupon can be used for a discount on the next bill. If you are lucky enough, you may get a free meal too.

If you are someone who is a regular visitor to Church’s Chicken, you can participate in the survey as many times you visit. Additionally, you need to note that you can use one receipt per survey. Each receipt carries a code that you have to enter while entering the survey. This code cannot be used multiple times.


The popular American fast-food chain much known for its crunchy fried chicken, warm biscuits, and home-style side dishes like slaw and fried okra is Church’s Chicken. Founded in 1952, Church’s Chicken started as a café that sold only chicken for 3 years. The chicken was so good that George was confident about his chicken.

Gradually, within three years of its grand opening, it grew leaps and bounds while expanding its menu. Interestingly, the original Church’s Chicken restaurant was founded on a street in San Antonio Texas.

Since this time, Church’s Chicken has grown to boast of more than 1,700 locations and a menu that rivals those of other highly successful fast-food chains across the United States. The company holds its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

Church’s Chicken Rules & Requirements

  1. A receipt from Church’s Chicken Restaurant
  2. A device with an internet connection. Ensure the speed is perfect to handle heavy browsing as you may not be able to retake the survey if you disconnect in between.
  3. You must be a resident of the United States
  4. You are 18 years or above
  5. Ensure you take the survey before it expires

Important Things to note

  • You cannot sell the coupon code to anyone.
  • You cannot share the receipt with anyone who has not visited the restaurant.
  • The survey must be taken by someone who has personally experienced the service of Church’s Chicken or tasted meals from Church’s Chicken
  • You must not give fake information
  • You must not give false feedback

Church’s Chicken Feedback Customer Support

Mailing Address: Church’s Global Restaurant Support Center

980 Hammond Drive, Suite 1100, Atlanta, Georgia 30328, Contact Church’s Chicken Online.

Call: 1-866-345-6788

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www.fonduesurvey.com – Melting Pot Survey – Get Food Free

www.fonduesurvey.com – The melting pot is an American fondue restaurant. If you had the chance to enjoy their service recently, you should definitely check out this survey. The restaurant conducts the Fondue Guest Satisfaction survey to learn more about customers’ experiences. And the most exciting part of this survey is the sweepstakes. All participants who complete the survey can opt to participate in their sweepstakes and get the chance to win free fondue for a year. If you wanna get this chance then stick with us as we discuss the survey and other ways to participate in the sweepstakes.



As the name suggests, a guest satisfaction survey is conducted to ensure customers get the best service. This detailed response helps in finding out if customers are satisfied or not and what improvement needs to be made. As a customer, you can take the survey to leave suggestions or just a compliment if you were happy with the service. The questionnaires usually aren’t long and just take a few minutes to finish.

The fondue feedback survey is also the best way to enter the sweepstakes if you have already purchased from the Melting pot.

Requirements to enter www.fonduesurvey.com

If you want to enter the sweepstakes through the survey, these are the requirements.

  • Firstly, it’s an online survey that requires a device with an internet connection.
  • The participant must know either English or Spanish to answer fondue feedback.
  • A valid purchase receipt from Melting Pot.
  • You should have a purchase receipt with an access code.
  • If you don’t have the access code, you can also enter it with a check number.

Eligibility criteria 

You got everything that’s required then, check out the eligibility criteria.

  • You need to be 18 years or older for entry into sweepstakes.
  • It is open only to legal residents of the United States of America.
  • If you are an employee of the melting pot then you are not eligible.
  • The immediate family of employees isn’t eligible either.

How to Participate in Sweepstakes @www.fonduesurvey.com


There are three ways to enter the sweepstakes. Two ways require a purchase and answering the fondue feedback survey. The third way doesn’t require any purchase. Choosing any method of entry would affect your chances in the sweepstakes. We will discuss all three methods for you.

Entry by Online Survey

  • Visit a melting pot location to get a purchase receipt with a survey code. If your receipt doesn’t have that code, you can still enter it by giving other information from the same receipt.
  • Now visit the site www.fonduesurvey.com. Here first you have to select a language between English and Spanish. You will get the survey questions in that language.
  • After selection, you have to choose whether you want to enter using the access code or without it. If you don’t have an access code, you will enter the check number, date of visit, and location of the restaurant.
  • The questionnaire will start from here. All you have to do is give your opinions and rate satisfaction.
  • In the end, you will be asked if you want to enter the sweepstakes. On choosing yes, you will fill out another contact information form.

Entry by Telephone Survey

  • For this, you will need everything that is required for the online survey. The only difference is you will answer the survey on the telephone.
  • Call on this number – 800-598-9104. Give the access code from the purchase receipt on this number to start the survey.
  • Answer all the questions and give the following information for the sweepstakes: Name, Phone number, Daytime, and Zip Code.

Entry by Mail

  • Take a 3” X5” and hand print the following information: Name, Complete address, Day, Telephone number, age, and email address.
  • Then mail it to the address below.

Melting Pot “Fondue for a Year” Sweepstakes, PO Box 427, Macedon, NY 14502-0427.

Note: One person can enter only once by any one method.

         Also, the access code from a receipt can be only used once for a person.

 About Melting Pot

When initially Melting pot started, its specialty was only Swiss Cheese Fondue, Beef Fondue, and Chocolate Fondue Dessert. Mark Johnston along with his brothers opened the first one in Orlando. Within two years of starting, they also opened the second branch.

Now they have expanded even more. Their Menu has more variations now. They have salads, desserts, and more.

Customer Care and Support

Melting Pot Survey

If you want to contact them with any issues, it’s very easy. There is an online feedback form on their website. You can fill it out and expect them to reply soon.

You can write or reach out to them at their office location.

The Melting Pot Restaurants, Inc.

7886 Woodland Center Blvd.

Tampa, FL 33614.

Contact numbers: 1800-783-0867

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