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www.mcdvoice.com – Know all about McDVOICE by McDonald’s: A win-win situation for both sides, the customers as well as the company McDVOICE​ is an online survey portal offered by McDonald’s. The portal allows customers to give feedback on their experience at McDonald’s while the food outlet strives to keep up with the expected quality and norms as per its years of reputation.



What is McDVOICE?

The survey offers a voucher coupon to the customers redeemable upon their next visit to McDonald’s. It is a way of rewarding the customers as a result of the completion of the Customer Satisfaction Survey.

What are the steps to get your voucher coupon?

The steps to be able to access the voucher coupon are as follows

  • – Visit ​www.mcdvoice.com
  • – Set the desired language after you view the website on your device.
  • – Enter the “survey code”, given in the McDonald’s receipt.


  • – IF you do not find the receipt number, enter the store no., date of visiting the outlet, and time. Next, click on ” start”.
  • – A survey page will appear with a list of questions on your screen.
  • – Once you have answered all the questions, click on “submit”.
  • – You will get a validation code after submitting your answers.
  • – The next time you visit McDonald’s, use this validation code which is redeemable.

What are the Rules to Enter MCDVOICE?

Do not forget to check out the ​Terms and Conditions​ with regards to this survey before you go on to redeem the benefits:


  • – The voucher code has an expiry of 7 days.
  • – A customer can take up to a maximum of 5 surveys in a month.
  • – The customer should be a resident of the USA or Canada.
  • – The customer should be 15 or more than 15 years old.
  • – Valid receipts should be used based on your last week’s experience at McDonald’s.
  • – McDVOICE can be subject to cancellation as per McDonald’s will.
  • – The customer shouldn’t be someone with experience of working at McDonald’s in the past. Your role as a customer

A customer should provide genuine feedback based on his/her experience such that the company will be able to utilize it in enhancing their services and offers. It is a measure that will fetch results for both sides.

On one hand, McDonald’s will be able to connect to customers both new and old, on the other hand, every customer will be rewarded based on their fulfillment of the questionnaire is a part of the survey.

What are the Benefits of Taking MCDVOICE?


A customer opinion is what builds up the reputation of a company and boosts its standing in the marketplace. It can either do charms or bring down even a company that has been running for years.

As the pandemic induced increased reliability on virtual platforms amidst severe health concerns, the survey provides a platform for McDonald’s to engage more customers, creating a loop for them to keep coming back to the food outlet.

The necessity of filling the survey questionnaire for reaping benefits is again a smart way to connect with the customers for reaping insight into their desired level of standards which will be further incorporated by the company in their planning and organization layout.

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