– Rite Aid Pharmacy Survey – Win $100 – Rite aid survey: Rite Aid conducted this survey to have an accurate understanding of its customers. They tried to understand why customers like the store. Does the customer have any complaints regarding the purchase of any other service? This survey started to make satisfied customers more satisfied and try to improve the services for the unsatisfied customers. The reason can be to have a watch which store is working well and which is not. Sometimes, it becomes hard to notice these things. This survey will become a link between Rite Aid and its customers.

Rite Aid Store Survey

A healthy relationship should be built because of this survey. In return, it offers commercial prizes. Only some lucky customers will get these prizes. The data gathered from this survey helps to make the services even better.

How To Engage In Rite Aid Survey?

There will be some questions in the survey. The customer needs to answer it honestly. There are three methods to complete the survey.

They are:- 1) online 2)by telephone 3) by mail. There are a few things that a customer should take care of while engaging in this survey. Regardless of any method the customer select, he/she should complete the survey in less than seven minutes. Then, he/she can entitle to win one of the two prizes. A person can win the Grand prize as a cheque of $1000, and the First prize of $100 in the form of a cheque.

Online Method

Most customers prefer online surveys so that he/she can complete the survey at any part of the day. The customer can use any device to complete the survey. The customer can engage three times a month for this survey. But if he/she is unable to complete it three times, then his/her response will be useless.

The survey is available on the official website. The customer should visit the official survey website.


The customer has to enter the survey code. It will be available on the purchase receipt. It is mandatory to enter it.

The customer should give his/her feedback. He/she has to rate his/her overall satisfaction.

The has to enter some details.

As a reward, a person can win the Grand prize as a cheque of $1000, the First prize of $100 in the form of a cheque.

Benefits Of Engaging In An Online Survey

Rite Aid Store Survey

  • It is time-saving.
  • It is money-saving.
  • The customers feel uninterested when it comes to filling out a written questionnaire.
  • The customers find this method attractive and easy to do also.
  • Rite Aid Corporation can get error-free and reliable results from this survey.

• By Telephone

If the customer wants t give the survey through call, he/she should complete the survey once. To start the survey, the customer should call on (800) 748-3243. He/she will receive questions from the automated machine. He/she can participate in the survey at any time. The questions will be the same in all three forms.

• By Mail

It’s the third form of engaging in this survey. The customer needs to fill up a postcard. He /she has to send some details in the postcard. It includes full name, contact number, email address, and postal address.

The customer has to send the postcard to the official Rite Aid store address.

“Voice of the customer”

Sweepstakes, PO Box 16440,

Rochester, NY14616.

Rules For Engaging In Rite Aid Survey

  • The staff members and their families are not entitled to engage in this survey.
  • Purchase is mandatory.
  • A person must have a purchase receipt and a survey code printed on it.
  • A person should not be less than 18 years for engaging in this survey.
  • A person can engage in this survey in three forms:-
    By telephone
    By Mail
  • A person can win the Grand prize as a cheque of $1000, and the First Prize of $100 in the form of a cheque.
  • If a person is going to engage in the survey through the mail, he/she can give countless entries. There is no limit to it.
  • If a person is going to engage in the survey online, he/she can participate in the survey three times a month.

About Rite Aid

Rite Aid Store Survey Guide

Alex Grass originated Rite Aid Corporation. The day on which it came into existence was September 12, 1962. Its headquarters are in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, United Nations.

Rite Aid Corporation is the 3rd largest drugstore chain in the United Nations and the 1st largest on the East Coast. Initially, its name was Thrift D Discount Centre. The company stood at No.150 in the 2020 Fortune 500 list of largest United Nations corporations by total revenue.

In 2019, there were 53,100 people employed in Rite Aid. In 2019, its revenue was US$21.64 billion. If any customer has any query related to Rite Aid, he/she can call on 1(800) 748-3243.

History Of Rite Aid

In the early 1950s, Alex Grass married Harrisburg of Pennsylvania’s Lehrman family. In 1962, Alex Grass originated Rite Aid. Its headquarters are in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, United Nations.

The First store was known as Thrift D discount Centre. In 1965, Rite Aid opened in five other states. In 1968, it went recognized as Rite Aid. In 1970, it moved to the new York Stock exchange. It is one of the Fortune 500’s biggest U.S Corporations.

In 1963, Rite Aid started in 267 locations in 10 states. General Nutrition Corporation and Rite Aid joined hands in January 1999.

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