Where is Abbeville , Louisiana

I am happy to see you all. Would you like to see Where is Abbeville Located in Louisiana, USA? In this article, we will provide you with comprehensive information about the Where is Abbeville Located in Louisiana, USA Map. Presently, Where is Abbeville Located in Louisiana, USA is considered to be quite popular. The place has a unique blend of traditions and modernity. The safest families live here. There is the police force and neighbors who help. In Alabama in the United States of America, this place became famous because of this.

Place: Abbeville, La,
Length: 29.58N
Longitude: 92.08W

Abbeville is located in Louisiana, United States. It is the parish seat of Vermilion Parish and is 150 miles from the city of New Orleans. It was founded in 1843 and was named after the hometown of its founder (Abbeville) in France. This city is part of the Cajun region of southern Louisiana. The word “Cajun” is used to denote a person of French-Canadian descent who was born or lives along swamps and prairies in southern Louisiana. They are known for their unique French dialect, their music and spicy cuisines. Abbeville’s various restaurants serve a variety of Cajun delicacies and other traditional dishes, satisfying everyone’s tastes. The Vermillion River flows through downtown Abbeville.

If you’re traveling to Abbeville, be sure to visit the local museums, the Depot and the Abbeville Cultural and Historical Association Center. There’s also Steen’s Cane Syrup Mill, Abbey Theater, Riviana Rice Mill, 100-year-old St. Louis. The Church of Mary Magdalene and the Courtroom to charm every visitor. You can find suitable accommodation in Abbeville hotels, such as Executive Inn Express, Extended Stay Hotel, Lafitte Motel, Sunbelt Lodge, Sunny Side Motel, Vermillion Motel, etc.

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In short, this place can be described as a unique combination of prairie regions, wandering lush swamps and friendly and fun citizens.

Facts about Abbeville
City name Abbeville
Continent North America
Country United States (USA)
State Louisiana
The capital and largest city N / A
Population 12,257 (2010)
Lat Long 29 ° 58′31.422 ″ N 92 ° 7′37.7652 ″ W
Official language English, French
Area code 337
Time zone Central: UTC −6 / −5
Airport Abbeville Chris Crusta Memorial Airport
Neighboring countries Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas
Internet TLD
Currency US Dollar (USD)

Date of last change: June 29, 2020


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