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www.myzaxbysvisit.com – A survey has been inaugurated by Zaxby’s. It was started to gather precious feedback from the customers. www.myzaxbysvisit.com is the official survey website. You can win $1000 as a daily prize or $1500 as a weekly prize if you become a fortune customer.



Here, you can partake in the survey. It is the authorized survey website. Zaxby’s has started this survey to pay attention to the matters/areas where they are lacking.

The customer had to just make participate in the survey. They have to give their feedback when they visit Zaxby’s last time. It will help the restaurant a lot for becoming better day by day.

How You Can Partake In The Survey?

Firstly, you need to visit www.myzaxbysvisit.com. Here, you can partake in the survey. It is the authorized survey website. Now it will be simpler for you if you keep the buy receipt with yourself. You have to give some details about it. You have to give your time of the visit and the amount you paid over there. Then, you have to give the survey code.

Some questions will be there. You need to respond to these questions. You have to keep this thing in mind how your answers can help the restaurant grow. It should be truthful.

You will receive a validation code also. You have to copy it down. It’s up to you, rather you desire to enter the sweepstakes or not. If you desire to enter the sweepstakes, then you have to give some personal details like your name, whole address, Email ID, and contact number. If you don’t desire to, then you don’t need to give any details.

If any customer is unable to complete the survey if he/she is having any doubt in his/her mind. He/she can refer to the following details:-

The contact number of ZAXBY’S is 1 (866) 892-9297 is 1 (866) 892-9297.

Its official address is https://www.zaxbys.com

What Are The Requirements For Partaking In The Survey?


  • You must have a fresh purchase receipt from Zaxby’s.
  • You must be familiar with the English or Spanish language. As you have to attempt the survey in one of these languages.
  • The survey is happening online. You must require an electronic gadget ( like a PC Or Android phone) to partake in the survey. It must have internet accessibility.

What Is The Eligibility Criteria To Partake In This Survey?

  • There is an age limit also. 18 years is the age limit. You must be of this age limit or more to partake in the survey.
  • Many outlets of Zaxby’s are in the United States. So, this survey was started for US citizens. You ought to be a US citizen to partake in the survey.
  • If you are an employee at Zaxby’s. Then, you and your entire family cannot partake in the survey.

What Are The Rules For Partaking In The Survey?

zaxbys visit survey

  • You can partake in the survey once.
  • You cannot get cash in the replacement of the prize which you won.
  • A request is made to customers. That they must not give biased feedback. The feedback needs to be truthful.
  • If you desire to give your prize to any friend, relative, or any other person. You cannot.

What Are The Gains Of Partaking In The Survey?

Firstly, you will receive a validation coupon which you need to copy down. You can win $1000 as a daily prize or $1500 as a weekly prize if you become a fortune customer. Secondly, if you are liking their food quality but are a little unsatisfied with other smaller things like staff behavior, cleanliness, etc. Then you can express this thing in the survey.  You can give the required appreciation and complaints. So, it will be beneficial to the restaurant.


  • Can I enter the sweepstakes without giving my details? Is it possible?

Ans. No, it is not possible. You need to give your details for entering the sweepstakes. It is mandatory because if you become a fortunate customer, then these details will be useful to the restaurant to contact/ inform you.

  • I don’t understand English or Spanish language. Can I still partake in the survey?

Ans No, you cannot. Because you have to attempt and complete the survey in one of these two languages only. So, you must understand the English or Spanish language for partake in the survey.


Zaxby’s had inaugurated this survey to know what are the things in which they have achieved mastery. And what are the things where there is a lot to do for improvements? The services are imparted to the customers. So, their feedback can be a guiding tool for the restaurant.

Zaxby is desiring to get maximum participation from its customers. Because the main aim of establishing this survey was to make the customer’s experience better than before.

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