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www.tellmurphyusa.com- A survey has been inaugurated by Murphy USA. It has started to gather Precious feedback from its customers.  www.tellmurphyusa.com is the authorized survey website. You can obtain free gas for $100 if you become a fortunate customer.



Here, you can partake in the survey. This is an authorized survey website. The only thing which you need to do is to attempt the whole survey. It’s obviously up to you, whether you desire to give positive feedback or negative feedback.

If you are happy with the services you got during your last visit, you can appreciate Murphy USA by giving positive feedback. If you are unsatisfied with the services, then you need to tell them what’s the thing which you don’t like.

How You Can Partake In The Survey @ www.tellmurphyusa.com

Firstly, you have to visit www.tellmurphyusa.com. It is the authorized survey website. There will be some fields with a star symbol. These are known as mandatory fields. You have to fill these fields with utmost care. If you desire to attempt the survey in the Spanish language, then you have to choose Espanol. Else you can choose the “start “alternative to attempt the survey in the English language.

Now, it will be simpler for you, if you keep the buy receipt along yourself. You need to give some details about it. You have to give the survey code. Then, you have to give the time of visit. On the buy receipt, you can obtain these details.

Some questions will be there. You have got to respond to these questions. Now, it’s up to you rather you desire to enter the sweepstakes or not. If you desire to enter the sweepstakes, then you have to give your details like name, address, email ID, and contact number.

If any customer is unable to complete the survey. If he/she has any doubt in his/her mind. He/she can refer to the following details:-

The contact number of Murphy USA is 1-800-843-4298.

Its email address is customercare@murphyusa.com

Its mailing address is

P.O Box 7300

El Dorado,  AR 71731.

What Are The Requirements For Partaking In The Survey @ www.tellmurphyusa.com?


The survey is happening online. You will require an electronic gadget ( PC or Android phone) for partaking in the survey. It must have internet accessibility.

You must have a recent buy receipt from Murphy USA.

You must know the English or Spanish language. As you will have to attempt the survey in English or Spanish language.

What Are The Eligibility Criteria For Partaking In The Survey @www.tellmurphyusa.com

If you are an employee at Murphy USA, then you and your entire family cannot partake in this survey.

Many outlets of Murphy USA are in the United States. So this survey was started for US citizens only. You ought to be a US citizen for partaking in the survey.

There is an age limit also. 18 years is the age limit. You must be of this age limit or more to partake in the survey.

What Are The Rules For Partaking In The Survey @ www.tellmurphyusa.com

  • If you desire to give the prize to any friend, relative, or any other person. You cannot. It will go against the rules.
  • You cannot get cash in the replacement of the prize which you won.
  • If you are thinking that buying more products will help you and your probability of winning will increase by doing so. You are wrong. It will not happen.
  • If you give any misleading/false information in the survey then, your entry will not be counted.

What Are The Gains Of Partaking In The Survey?

Tell Murphy USA Survey

Firstly, You can obtain free gas for $100 if you become a fortunate customer. Because at the end of the survey, you will get a chance to enter the sweepstakes. You have to give some personal information. These details will be useful to Murphy USA if you become a fortunate customer.

Secondly, by working on your feedback, Murphy USA can make some modifications. So that, you don’t have any complaints or dissatisfaction when you visit it next time. So, it will be beneficial for you.


Murphy USA has many openings. But now they are desiring to know about how their customers feel when they visit their gas stations. This is also a two-way method. If you come forward and help them to know the things in which they are lacking.

Then, they get a chance to win free gas for $100. So, the gains are for both:- Murphy USA and the customers. So, they are desiring that every customer come forward and help them in recognizing such things. Whether it’s positive feedback or negative feedback. The thing which matters the most is how many customers are coming forward to partake in the survey.

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